Perfect Christmas… well, almost.

As any mother would say, it is impossible to have a perfect Christmas if you don’t have your kids, but it sure helped that they were being spoiled rotten and in heaven with their El Paso grandparents. As they should be, it is every grandparents’ right to do so. And for the record my kids have four awesome grandparents. I don’t know if it is possible for grandparents to love their grandkids more than my and my ex’s parents. Those kids get good love.

My kids knew I was at the beach for Christmas and they were happy for me. Did I ever mention how much my kids rock? “I hope you are having a good time, mommy.” Noah said to me yesterday. Love those kids. Love em.

Best Boyfriend Ever’s family lives in Florida. Near the beach. Um, did I mention he was PERFECT??? So not only did I make it to a beach for my birthday, I was at the beach for Christmas. We walked along the beach for the last time yesterday. It was windy, but warm enough to walk barefoot. Some crazies even got in the water. I love the ocean, but I draw the line somewhere. The second I can smell the sea air something happens to me I can’t explain. I feel so… at home. At peace. Something deep inside me just sighs with contentment. That is how I know where I will spend the rest of my life eventually. The ocean is waiting for me. A few more years… In the meantime, Christmas was amazing. My boyfriend’s family is really great. I could talk to his mom for hours and hours. She has great stories about the past and of course I never tire of hearing stories about boyfriend’s childhood. He is sweet to listen to them over and over again because he knows how much his mom loves to tell them. Then we got to spend time with a good friend of his from middle school and his wife. Lordy did we have a good time. We just had the best time and I cannot wait to hang out with them again. And I promise to eat more before we do flaming dr. peppers. Dude, they really DO taste like that! The night got a bit fuzzy at the end and I will deny remembering much in the last hour. I said what? Yeah, no, that totally was not me…

Anyway, after the crazy two weeks before Christmas I spent the last 8 days relaxing and refueling. We got some nice long runs in, went to the book store where I got a book NOT on art and business, slept in, took NAPS, and in general just chilled. It was awesome and being at the beach at Christmas with such an amazing man was the best present I could have asked for. I have no idea what I did to deserve someone so special and kind and good to me, but I need to make sure to do it again and again. And to hold on tight to this one. He is for sure a keeper.

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