Bad day no more…

This is what happens when you start Monday with a stomach virus that ends after 12 hours of wretching you guts out, a Tuesday that involves making one of the hardest, most disappointing decisions of your life, a Wednesday that involves not hearing from a client with a big job AGAIN, a Thursday that involves a $50 return check fee on top of the ones your bank made you pay, and a Friday with girl-cramps that leave you exhausted and dizzy and best boyfriend calls to see if you are ok. After he tells you over and over it will get better and he believes in you and you feel so much better just from his phone call and knowing that he is the type of guy who will go to the dog kennel and get your two beasts and drive your old not running very good car for you because you are too sick and throwing up to get out of bed THEN after THAT he goes back out to bring you gingerale with a straw all at his lunchbreak. And all that is much more than enough, but on Friday at 5pm when you just called him to ask him to please pick up some purple carnations for your daughter’s talent show because you have not had the chance to get to the store because it is 5pm and you are still on the phone going over web design comps and right after you get off the phone the doorbell rings and standing there is a guy with THE most gorgeous bouquet of flowers. Just because he knew I was having a bad day. Not any more. As a matter of fact is set the tone for what is right now a pretty fantastic weekend. And all we are doing is cleaning house and hanging out with a houseful of kids because Noah and Sophie are both having sleepovers. Told you he was best boyfriend ever.

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