in hopes to avoid surgery…

In an effort to not have surgery for a teeny tiny thing like a finger, this is what we are doing. I have to wear this for another week and HOPE the bones start to grow back together. Seems I broke my finger pretty bad and there is a chance the bones won’t heal with out pins and surgery and of course lots of money. Now my ver nice orthopedist takes payments (THANK YOU very nice doctor man!) and he might even do trade out for either design work or some art (NEVER underestimate the barter system! I always offer trades and people take me up on it more often than not! I once did a website for a car!) Anyhoo if in ten days it has started to heal, I wear this thing for three more weeks. Then off it comes for physical therepy. Geez, who woulda thunk it??? But honestly i feel so LUCKY that this is all that happened. If you had felt what i felt the moment before this happened and how very SURE I was that I was about to fall down a huge flight of cement and iron stairs, you would understand why i feel so lucky and blessed. Also cause hosptals take payments as do woderful bone specialist. (If you ned a guy that can set a gnarled finger like no other, gimme a call!)

Anyhoo, I am learning how to design with one hand and a thumb and paint with one hand. Sofar cooking has been the hardest. I can’t hold much with a finger and a thumb. And I hate asking for help. But when people see my hook, they tend to offer, which is nice. And yes, you KNOW I am going to paint dogs all over this thing! Always an opportunity when you look with a positive attitude. So in the meantime, excuse the typos – one handed typing is no joy.

And I have a ton of new commissions to upload so check out my commissions page soon.

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