the life and times of a one handed gimp

Hello internet dearies. It is your long lost artist friend, the gimp, or the claw, or the hook. Whichever. People are nicer when you have a clw covered with dogs drawings. “Awwww, look at that nice gimpy one handed girl with the cute doggies! Let me get the door for her, carry her bag for her, give her money.” ok, that last thing didn’t really happen. But maybe if I look sad enough and say one more time, “And then I looked down and my fingers was SIDEWAYS! All crookedy I tell you! And the PAIN! Oh the PAIN!” and let one lone tear slide down my face… well maybe it can get me a free coffee.

I am workin hard for my money in cubicle-ville the past 4 weeks. They just asked me to stay for two more. The people are great, the work is great, and that paycheck every week? FANTABULOUS! But the commissions are piling on and my poor lonely studio calls my name. What is a girl to do? A freelancer never says no and I may have to milk this cow until it’s dry… We’ll see. But working the past 4 weeks until midnight to keep up with other freelance and commissions is wearing me out.

In other news I sold three paintings yesterday that were not commissions! Yippee! One was my beach dog painting which you can seeif you scroll down the page a bit. They saw it in the Starbucks and called me up and we met and a happy check later she owned it. Can’t wait to do more in that series.

Then the gallery owner from New Orleans called me up. Ya know, the gallery that wanted my Big Dog series LAST SEPTEMBER but I was too poor to mail to them? Yeah that one.Apparently he is driving through atlanta with BIG TRUCKS to go to a show at their showroom in NC and he wanted to know if I was still interested in having them represent me, cause if I was they would come by my studio and take whatever I could give him, show it in NC, the drive it back to New Orleans to put in their gallery there. To which I replied, “blink…blink…blink…uhhh, duhhhh, YES!!!” I told you I am a gimp now. So howz about them apples??? By the by a meandering side note, when I first began painting gogs I found the artist Ron Burns online HIS commissions start at 20K! I emailed him for advice and he very nicely said something encouraging. And guess what gallery represents his work in New Orleans? Yep, that’s right the same one as me!! Sterling Gallery by the way

And on that happy note (and I have some DOOSEY news for later but it came as a result of the panda painting – will tell you once confirmed) I am leaving in 3 short hours to drive with Best Boyfriend Ever to Pensacola. Sunday we are celebrating his parents 40th wedding anniversary! Can you believe it? 40 years wow. Very inspiring. But tomorrow nite? You will find me on a beach with BBF and his awesome highschool best friend and his awesomer wife at a bar drinking something or other and belting out a Jimmy Buffet toon or two in tribute to all the Irish. Cause what says Ireland Forever more than Margaritaville and a shot of tequila??? Right-O! Will have picks upon my return!

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