Not quite believing

I am not even sure where to start. With the flyer that I hung up in a coffeehouse to advertise my commissions back in January? With a man seeing them that called me to discuss an idea he had for my art? With the package I put together filled with samples of my art, press clippings and a sample painting of a Corgi with pink flowers in the background? With the proposal he pitched to one of the biggest publishers in the world of crafting and art books? With the phone call I received on Monday that said that the company LOVED my art and loved the book idea and they want to know how fast I can produce it and need a page count because they have already put me on the production schedule? With the advance* I will get and the royalties I will get? With the doors this will open for me? Hmmm, where to start? Am I dreaming? *pinch* Nope. Awake. And not quite believing this, but letting it sink it and wash over me. Knowing I sure have worked hard enough and will continue to do so. Next time someone says painting dogs for a living is just plain silly, you send them over to me…

*ADVANCE: (noun) Money, REAL ACTUAL MONEY they are paying me UP FRONT for MY ART that will fill a BOOK.

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