I *heart* Hazlenut Cottage

Hello there all. I simply must tell everyone I know about this amazing jewelry artist in Hawaii I have found. I saw her work on an artist list serve that I subscribe to. I saw her work and fell in love. Then i saw this necklace and know she is a kindred spirit. If I could make jewlery, this is exactly what I would make. I bought it on the spot and cannot wait until it arrives. It is my Mother’s Day present to me! Go visit her shop and if something speaks to you, you better get it, I have a feeling she will sell out quickly and each piece is one of a kind. She also does custom orders. I was going to have her make a “Live, Love, Laugh” one for me, but I saw “The Sea Beckons Me” and it was a done deal. Read her description of the Hazlenut Cottage too, it is like she sees what is in my head…simply beautiful.

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