Well, I’ve done it now. The contract for the book is being finalized and in 7 short weeks I need to finish production of it. The publisher wants it, like yesterday. That’s a whole LOT of paintings in seven weeks. Plus, ya know, work to pay the bills. I know I am good with deadlines, and I tell all my clients to give me a deadling, cause if you tell me, whenever, i am in no hurry, guess when i get to YOUR project? After all the people that said, I NEED IT NOW that’s when! So *eep!* time to get to work! I have to write a bio and begin the text and start paintings this weekend. I am scared to death, but excited too. My contract job ends tomorrow so I should theoretically have plenty of time. I am going back into my studio next week, and moving from my pink studio into the yellow studio this weekend. We finally found a fourth artist that is a perfect compliment to us other three. She is a soap artist and makes the most incredible smelling soap with the most charming packaging EVER. But my current studio is attached to the kitchen and has a side door for ventilation if need be, plus the yellow studio gets more light which is better for painting for me, so moving studios.

I think the next seven weeks are going to be insane, but I am up for the challenge! I am going to THE BEACH with my whole family the last week of May so I may take some work with me, but then i can imaging THIS HOUSE IS MINE and I am ya know, living my future when I create all my art at my beach house then FedEX all my work to my client. And check out the jacuzzi off the tp of the deck where I will be sipping my margaritas each night…awwww yeeeeah…. You must be able to visualize it first, right? I mean, whay CAN’T i be the Mary Englebreit of the canine world???

Ok, I need to go update a website before I go get my daughter from school.

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