What I do on a day off from design work.

I have been painting all day. In my little apartment. Just down the street is my nice big studio. But I have so much stuff to bring back and forth it didn’t seem worth it. Plus I will be painting into the night and all weekend. I have a huge commission to get done that is at the studio, so hopefully I will be in there soon – besides that the canvas can’t be moved without a truck. And I have no truck. So I WILL be at the studio soon. So much to juggle all at once and I feel guilty I am not in the studio. Why would I feel guilty? Whose rules am I breaking? Who cares where I paint but me? Funny how we make these rules that cause us guilt and it is so unnecessary. I have a deadline coming up and I need to paint as fast as possible while having another job and having a boyfriend and having my kids in the summer who would rather swim than watch mommy paint. So instead of trying to go by some made up rules as to how my life SHOULD look, I am going to live my life by how IT WORKS for me. And that means painting on my couch, or down at the pool, or at the studio when I can, while life goes on around me. And tonite even though I asked for a dress up date night and best boyfriend ever of course said yes, and then I called him at work and said how does chinese take out and a rented movie sound instead so that I can keep on painting my mountain of canvases and he of course said yes, I realized that life pretty much rocks right now. Cause I am painting in my little apartment creating art for MY BOOK and I really, really don’t think it gets much better than this. Except for tonite when I am doing it all next to best boyfriend ever.

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