Um, what now? Who needs what, now? Ok, I’m on it.

My living room looks like a design studio and painting studio blew up. But now, with kid stuff everywhere too. I have a laptop on one end of the table for my part-time job that i am doing from home this week while I have my kids. My personal computer is at the other end. It looks like a dueling piano bar that gets all crazy and loud and you are laughing and singing with your friends and after that last Billy Joel song and third dirty martini, you think, “Ya know, I really CAN sing!! Screw what my friends say!” Or maybe, yeah, maybe I am just a bit tired.

I am waiting on client emails, so even though I should be outlining that beagle painting I am waiting for the effects of coffee to kick in. The kids (3 of ’em, Soph had a sleep over last night) are still asleep and I am grateful for them staying up late last night because it means I can get most of my computer work done before they wake up. It is slightly overcast and I feel like a terrible parent because I am doing a little raindance inside hoping it pours all day because I don’t really have time to go to the pool. But if it does not rain I will do what I did yesterday at 2pm. Lug a bunch of stuff downstairs to the pool and paint in the crazy humid weather. I was up until 2pm last night, but painting seemed to go in slow motion. I got a lot done, but it was slow goings. I finally gave up and went to bed. I woke up at the crack of 9am and turned on the computer for work and stumbled to the coffeepot. Oh, sacred coffeepot how I love you. Love you so much I would marry you. I would. And I am not that into marriage anymore. But I would marry coffee. In a stunning beachside sunset ceremony with just a few of our closest loved ones. Um, yeah. Ok, maybe I could use a nap later.

I have over half of my paintings for the book done. I need to go deliver them later today for copy shots. Then I need to begin the other half. Tonite I need to finish a 22×28 commission to be delivered at 11am tomorrow. I have to finish the big 5 ft x 5 ft commission by July 1. I need to finish the rest of the paintings for the book by July 1 as well. Oh, and that big old website design job that came in needs some design comps by July 5th. It sounds like a lot, cause it is. A whole, whole lot, that WILL get done in time. Cause, did I tell you? I am marrying coffee. Look for the invites in your mailbox.

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