Ain’t no Martha here, just a crazy ol’ dog paintin’ lady…

I know I am painting a lot when I actually stop and think, “Wow, I wish I had time to clean this place, it’s really a mess!” Cause THAT statement hardly ever comes out of my mouth, much less is a thought floating in my head. When Best Boyfriend Ever and I got together and it began to get ‘serious,’ I told him I needed to let him know a powerful truth about me. I said very, very seriously and with a tone that let him know I was speaking the truth in the same tone that the first jerk you ever dated told you that he was an a-hole and he would probably treat you like dirt but you just giggled and thought ‘How cute is HE!?’ and you realized later that was no joke, that was the god’s honest truth and oh how you wished you would have listened tone, said: “I would rather paint than do laundry. I would rather paint than do dishes. I would rather paint than decorate my house. I would rather paint that clean the toilet or scrub the tub. I would rather paint than make the bed. I would rather paint than vacuum. And painting will ALWAYS win out over housework.” I am not Martha Stewart nor do I or aim to be like her although I would love a house where she came in once a week, but if he wanted Martha he better keep on moving. Luckily for me he believed me and loves me anyway. That, plus I promised all this painting was to ensure that one day I could afford to pay someone to be Martha for me. And I am going to make her bake me really cute, adorable cupcakes at least once a week too.

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