it is 2:07 am. I just finished up a pug on the big, giant commission that is due Sunday. (I ended up moving it tied to the top of my friend’s minivan to get it here cause there is just no way to be painting at my studio. And the lovliest thing happened during the night last night. My air conditioner broke. I thought I must have had the plague or something when I woke up drenched this morning in what I thought was a broken fever sweat. HA! To BE so lucky. It is 91 degrees in here. I am sweating from standing and painting. I had a fan on me, but the fan was drying out the paint on the canvas too fast. It is crazy, brain-melting hot in here and I wish I could remember that Shel Silverstein poem – you know the one – but my brain is half melted out of my head. I’d be very tired, if I wasn’t so hot. This commission will be the background for my portrait on my bio page in the book. I think i will be a week late on my deliverables. But I will still have been very close to my original estimate. That is good, right? Ok, I think i am done for the day. My melty brain is not working so well. I am going to go make coffee and set the timer so that it is all ready when my alarm goes off in 4 and a half hours. Um, did I tell you it is So. Damn. Hot. In. Here??? Cause it is. Really, really hot. And one day, when I am painting at my beach house and I think back on this moment, the kind of moments that you realize you are willing to do anything it takes for your dream to come true, ya know what I am going to think? That it is So. Damn. Hot. In. Here……

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