Best Boyfriend Ever volunteered to go get the rented truck for me. Loving that as I hate driving those things. I am not sure if he was being helpful or the thought of being in charge of making breakfast for the now still sleeping kids (three of them, had a sleepover) is kind of daunting to him. Either way it is sweet and I don’t have to drive. So I catching you all up on my progress while I am waiting for coffee to perk me up.

I am stiff and sore, sleep deprived and last night I was, um, maybe a bit delirious? I could hear the bed calling my name. Sophie knocked on our door at midnight (right after that moment you lay your head on the pillow and let your body melt and drain and sleep is mere seconds away) to tell us there was a big spider in her room. I had just finished varnishing the painting and was exhuasted. Drained. No energy. Half dead. So when BBE said, “Do you want me to go kill it?” (right before he offered I let out a sad, tired, sigh that probably sounded much more like a wounded animal, that indicated if I had to get out of this bed to kill a spider I might end up in the mental ward of the local hospital. Oh, and I HATE spiders) So my answer was, ” YES. PLEASE GO KILL THE SPIDER. IT IS A GUY THING. And besides that, I cannot move.”

So spider could not be found. The girls decided to sleep on the couch. Fine. I yelled that there were extra blankets in Noah’s closet. That was the last thing i remember. I woke up this morning knowing I have to get a photo of me dressed nicely in front of this painting before I deliver it. I was supposed to do the photo yesterday after I finished it, but before I varnished it. But it was 5pm when I got done. And then I looked in a mirror and realized, looking nice was going to take far, far too much energy. So instead we all went to the pool to go swimming. But right now I am showered with no paint on me. That alone people, is huge.

This week has been a blur. And next week will be the same. But progress is happening. The light at the end of the tunnel is a vacation in Key West for Hemingway Days July 17. I know rest is in my future. And perhaps a clean house can be mine once again. Like BBE said yesterday after I looked around and exclaimed what a disaster my house was right now he said, “It’s nothing that can’t be fixed. It’s no big deal.” Told you he was the Best Boyfriend Ever.

Here is what my “studio” look like. And my studio mates. Who were real champs the whole time with the no air conditioning thing. Which got fixed Fridy night. We had a cool house by about 9pm. I will never, ever take cool air for granted. EVER.

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