I am still here, no not there, HERE. bah.

Hello dearies. What am I doing here you ask? Cause I know you all keep track of exactly where I am supposed to be in life. You all know that I WAS supposed to be in Key West today. TODAY. But alas. I am not. And I know all two of you reading this are sobbing giant crocodile tears for me. I know you are. I KNOW. Anyhoo, best boyfriend has this big, giant project. And well, do I need to write the tragic result? No because I am currently writing a blog at a computer that is currently NOT on a sunny beach while I sip on a particularly strong Pina Colada. But before you go off and be all so very sad for me, and I know you are, don’t be. Our trip is just postponed a week. Next Tuesday the joy and happiness will commence. And I have instructed said boyfriend that if for any reason WHATSOEVER he must postpone or cancel, it is in his general best interest to not come home on that day and instead to send a limo with a fully stocked bar and preferably a very muscley and very pretty man who will drive me straight to Key West. And he should be extra pretty to look at – more in the George Clooney kind of way, but if the Brad Pitt kind of way is only available I suppose I could suffer with that. Cause that is the only thing that will save our relationship if he must cancel our vacation. A vacation that I am very much in need of. VERY MUCH. So until next Tuesday, I have a few extra paintings to do for the book that we thought would make some nice additions, I have a TON of freelance work to catch up on, the pt job is always here, a few commissions, blah blah blah. Do you have any idea how hard it is to be doing anything at all when i am SUPPOSED to be on an island right now? Yes, I know. never before have you had more sympathy for someone quite as sad and tragic as me. Ahem. Yes, I know there are bad things going on in the world. Right now I am feeling sorry for myself. And yes, I’ll get over it. Next Tuesday when I have my icy cold pina colada served by a muscley topless man that is extra pretty to look at – in that George Clooney kinda way.

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