Inspiring Friends

Ok, this is a fun fun post. Let’s see? Where to begin? Five years ago three people met online. Me, Jill and Elena We found each other and gravitated to each other. We became online best friends. We were all on the beginning of our “dream” paths. One was a writer that had JUST landed an agent with her first novel, Summers At Blue Lake. One was an illustrator that had a very well known website and was experiencing motherhood at 100 miles per hour after having three children in 2 years. (yes, you read that right!) One was an artist that was trying to make her way selling her art. The three women finally met up three years ago this month. They talked and gabbed and cried and felt like they had known each other their whole lives. For the past five years we have encouraged each other, celebrated highs and been there to support each other during the lows. The life of an artist is not alwasy as romantic as it seems. Well this month one of us had a HUGE thing happen! Her book was published and is available in stores. It officially came out August 3rd, and I could have bought it online on amazon, but I wanted the moment. THE MOMENT. The one where I walked into a book store and picked it off the shelves. Cause if I could do that, then it was real. REALLY TRULY REAL. And I know what I experienced on Saturday night was only a teeny, tiny part of what Jill felt when she walked into a bookstore and saw her book on the shelf. I at first did not see her book, then I went and got help. I told the sales lady VERY LOUDLY that it was one of my best friend’s book that I was looking for. Heads turned and looked. the sales lady told me to tell her “Congratulations!” We found the book and I took pictures. Of course I did!! HUGE moment. Jill, you are an inspiration and I am thrilled for you and am so thankful you have allowed me to come along on this journey with you. I can’t wait to see the amazing places your career brings you. I will always be here for you and Elena and there is nothing like celebrating these moments. Even if it is hundreds of miles away, I could not feel more like I am right there with you.

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