Do you wanna see?

I got the final version of the cover that the publisher chose. They are still playing with the name. The name of the book was never my choice, so we will see what ends up being the final one. I also just found out they are printing in China instead of the Sates, which hopefully means a bigger print run! Woot! This will be available December 2007.

I am very excited and have some more things going on that I will be letting you know about. I will be letting you know about all the wonderful things that are going on in my life, not just with my art! There will be lots of good, happy posts and I refuse to dwell on any more negatives or negative people. Life is just too short and there are far too many amazing things to think about instead. So if you have been holding on to any anger in your life, let it go too. It is so much better to just forgive and move on.

Have a wonderful, happy day and fantastic weekend! It’s Friday and I’m going to my niece’s 3rd birthday party up in N.C. with the two most awesome kids and the best boyfriend ever in the world!

Quote of the day and a saying I live by: “The difference between the people that get to live their dreams and the ones who don’t, is that the people who live their dreams NEVER gave up.”

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