Love YOUR life!

Decide today that your life is the one you want. Don’t compare yourself to others, don’t go searching websites and blogs and then feel like everyone is better/cooler/ more clever than you. Love the the thing you do that makes you unique! It feels so much better than you think it does and then all those other things can just inspire you instead of making you feel not good enough. You are good enough right this second, right now. Believe it! And if you don’t or have already searched those sites and are crying into your cup of coffee and have decided that you are like, the world’s most unoriginal artist and that EVERYONE is more talented and creative than you and that you might as well go see if Target is hiring greeters because hell, you know you can at least say “Hello!” pretty damn good and just TRY to see who can do THAT better than you…Well, buck up little camper, cause you can change that attitude this here minute. Go find that piece of art, poem, short story, anything that you KNOW is good and remember that you ARE good. And if that does not work? There is real wisdom to the phrase “fake it till you make it.” Try it, you’ll see…

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