Moving day.

Sorry I haven’t blogged all week. Life is hectic. We are moving today. And I need to put this computer in a box then bring the dogs to the groomers. Life is good, but moving is not fun. Well it will be fun tonite after it is all done. I have never in my life used movers before. “what? People will move heavy objects FOR you?” Oooooh, if you PAY them. Right. Which explains why, in the what seems like millions of times I have moved it has been back-breaking labor that leaves me hating furniture and aching for three days after. Luckily for me, when I said to best boyfriend ever that the couch is a b*tch to move he looked at me like I had five heads. “Um, yeah, well, it doest’t matter cause I won’t be moving it.”he said. To which I quite cleverly replied, “Oh? And are you paying the movers then, cause I won’t be paying it!” To which he responded, “I will happily pay for movers.” I rest my case. BEST BOYFRIEND EVER.

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