He makes me smile.

I love this photo because it captures so many emotions. I am happy and free and in love. This is me most evenings with the man that I love, adore, respect and can’t get enough of. Most Friday nights, most nights for that matter, involve me painting with this man by my side. I love to work next to him, just hanging out, watching tv, joking, laughing talking. From the moment he leaves in the morning I miss him until he gets back. We make up excuses and find ways to meet during the day. A lunch here, an errand there. He gets off work early whenever he can. He will take work home so he can work next to me while I paint. We joke that we are addicted to each other. And I am not sure there is a better way to describe it. I will tell the whole story of how we met someday. Today is just about the overwhelming love I have for this man and how happy he makes me. I have never known emotions and feelings like this before and I can’t get enough. I find myslef thinking of things to make him happy, ways to make him smile. I just want to return to him what he gives to me. He makes everything shinier, brighter, happier. To say I feel lucky to have found him does not even begin to explain how I feel. The only comparable feelings I have are that for my children. I have known this man for 2 years and loved him for just over a year now. It was about this time last year that I first whispered three words that absolutely terrified me to say. And now, he, like my children, are a part of me now. Part of my children’s lives now. And I cannot imagine life without him. I simply adore him. And yes, am addicted to him. I love you baby!

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