New print, new thought

Maybe your master plan is is not THE master plan. Maybe we have to let go of what we want so much for our lives and just do our own thing trying to control it a little less. Let the unexpected happen. Let go of our own personal “rules” and let life happen the way it wants to. This print is a color study I did for a larger painting. It is 5″x5″ now, but when I am done it will be 48″x48″. Why? Because I love the idea of someone walking into my house, turning the corner and seeing a GIANT PINK FLYING PIG on the wall. Cause the rules don’t always apply and you need to be able to let go of them, or hell even break them sometimes – maybe pigs CAN fly in this house! You know you want to see a picuture of my living room when I get the giant pig done, right? I may not have a Martha Stewart home, but I have a home that most people won’t forget.

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