Puppy Pillows Make Me Happy!

This is what I spent last night doing. Making puppy pillows to sell at my festival! See, kids come in and want a painting, but the parents are all um, “Yeah, mommy doesn’t have any money right now, maybe we will order one.” But the kids are always looking all sad and puppy dog eyed when that happens so I say, “Here! Take my business card! See the puppies on it?!” And kid and parent are all happy. Except that I might as well throw my card in the trash cause that kid most likely isn’t calling for a pet portrait later and will probably lose the card within the next 5 minutes. So this is my solution! Little stuffed puppies that are $3 each or 2 for $5. Now I am happy, mom and dad are happy and kid is happy. And last night my boyfriend watched me make Lucy and Rufus and Skyler (his German Shepard) all play and talk to each other. Cause have I told you? I am a total dork. But I have fun with my puppies!

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