Wow! What a weekend! I have to say that I was blown away by the response. I put up all the art from my book and color me surprised if it didn’t just fly off the walls! See, I hardly ever make money the day of the festival, because usually it is all about people seeing my work, and wanting me to paint THIER dog. But I think I have managed to finally find the secret formula. I found my price point for my paintings, had little things to seel and big things for everyone. I made a very tidy sum and none of that was even including the commissions that will come in. But ya know what? I won’t lie, the money is nice, but that was not my favorite part of it.

My favorite parts were when the lady from five years ago came in and asked if I remembered her. Her dogs name I asked. Teddy. Yes, the little tan poodle with the blue background and lavendar flowers. Or when the couple came in with 4 month old twins and asked if I remembered them. “Yes, 3 years ago, two black dogs one was much smaller but they had identical markings and were not related, light green background. You asked me in for water when I delivered your painting.” Then there were the two boys that came back five times on their own gushing over my art and finally got their mom to come back and commission a portrait of their Otis, a black lab and they bought a little ‘Rufus the Pirate’ painting on an easel. Then they rushed back an hour later to get my autograph on the back of my business card cause, “You might be famous in like 50 years and it will be worth something!” hee. Then there was the little girl who stood transfixed at the colors and finally came up and asked so timidly, “if it’s ok with you, can i take your card, please? I love your art! You are my second favorite artist!” “Who is your first,” I asked. “My grandpa.” I think I am in good company! So many people that smiled, so many people that laughed. It was pure joy. And it was that way right up until the last moment when I was packing up the car and a man stopped by and said, “Hi, I doubt you remember me, but you painted our lab mix, Sam about five years ago.” “Purple background with gardenias.” I said. He smiled at me remembering. (I happen to remember every dog I have painted.) “We get more compliments on that painting than any other piece of art we have ever bought.”You can’t beat that, can you?

It was a VERY good weekend. The money was the bonus.

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