Feels like home

Still on a high from the festival. Yesterday morning I mailed off 4 prints that people have bought off of etsy.com. That felt really good too. I am not sure what has happened, but with that little switch of how I have been thinking, just slightly turning things in my brain, I have somehow gotten so much of me back. I feel like the girl from 5 years ago again, so excited by her art. So deliriously thrilled when someone smiles at my paintings again. It has also had the magical effect of decluttering my brain. I am not so consumed with getting the next proposal out or the next idea on paper. I am concentrating on the art that makes me happy and my family. This week I am getting back to the house. finishing up putting away boxes, unpacking the last of the knick-knacks and best of all hanging the artwork up. The walls feel naked without them.

The house we moved into, well, it has some unusual characteristics. Which I did not notice at all when I saw it, except that I absolutely fell in love with it the second I walked in. I sent out pictures to friends and family. Everyone’s first response to the pictures was the same. “How did you already get to paint it???” I was all, “Huh?” “The COLORS!! All the colors! How did you get to paint it already?” they kept saying. “Oh, it was like that when we saw it.” The bright red dining room, apricot upstairs landing, deep green bedroom, rose bedroom, cobolt blue bedroom, gold bathroom, sunshine yellow bathroom and lavender foyer. “Um, it was ALREADY like that?” “Yes, isn’t it great?!” I wrote back. And then, “That house is so YOU.” Which I guess is why I fell in love with it. And I am glad Best Boyfriend Ever did too. Or at least came around to my puppy dog eyes.

When you look at my art you can tell I am in love with color. I am no fan of tan, bisque or latte, I am no pastel pink, pale blue or butter yellow girl. Nope. Give me bold, bright, yell in your face colors that wake you up and make you smile. I love to pair them up and throw a dog on them with big smiling flowers too. And this house was already like that. Which I guess is why it feels so much like home even after just 3 weeks. It is hard to believe it has hardly been a month. It feels like home. And I love that. I will post pics soon.

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