More free food than you can shake a stick at!

Which makes no sense at all, cause I am pretty sure that no matter how much free food there is, if you have a stick… well. But I suppose if you were in a room and they filled up the free food all the way the corner you were standing in and you had no room to move your arms any more, you certainly would not be able to shake said stick. Ah, there you go, making the world make sense again. You can thank me by sending money.

Ok, back to FREE. FOOD. Let me start with my delectable lunch at Ted’s Montana Grill yesterday. Back in August I decided to celebrate finally getting my advance check by taking the kids and Best Boyfriend Ever out to Ted’s. We all love cow, particularly when it is red and juicy. Yummy! So the kids were allowed to order the filets and we all were happy and full at the end of the night. And my advance was now 4 steak dinners less. But Ted, i heart you and your acres and acres you own in the Midwest and your sensible recycling theories, cause damn man, you make some good cow! And the squash casserole ain’t nothing to forget about! Ok, so how was this free? Well, it was not. BUT. I put my business card into a fishbowl that day. And ya know what? 2 months later some man from Ameriprise Financial done picked that card out of a fishbowl and called me! And said, hey lovely and talented lady (Ok, he didn’t but I am taking creative license)”How would you like free lunch for you and 10 of your coworkers?” To which I immediately replied “Hells yeah!” (and I take this opportunity to tell you that I am not a fine print reading kinda gal, assume the best out of everyone and often find my self open mouthed AFTER I realize the “catch” and that the devil now owns my soul. Also read: Naive”) So after imagine how popular and cool I will be after I take my whole office out to lunch and I am daydreaming about how they will cheer and carry me about on their shoulders, he does tell me that he will give a five minute talk on financial serves before we eat, then pay the bill, then leave. Which is not really a catch at all. Cause ya know what? you wanna give me free lunch at Ted’s? You can follow me home and tell me all about my financial future for the rest of the day if you want. Ted’s is THAT good. So free lunch was good yesterday and coworkers rejoiced. However there was no lifting me about and parading me around. that made me sad. But, ya know, I am no petite thing, I understand.

Ok, next free food. Hoo Boy! Are you people ready for this? Cause I still don’t quite believe I have a freezer full of awesome and amazing meals that will last the rest of the month as each meal is six HUGE servings!! FOR FREE. how , you wonder internet did I do that? What magical powers have I wielded to get this? Well, as it turns out, writing this here blog for the past 5 years has paid off in cheese and chicken cutlets! See the National Dairy Council is promoting their 3 A Day program. In which they encourage you to each cheese, and milk and yogurt and well ALL YUMMY DAIRY PRODUCTS. Cause ain’t nothing better than DAIRY in my book! But most importantly to me is CHEESE. Cause let me tell you, girlfriend can say no to cookies and chocolate all day long, but you put a block of smoked mozarella in front of me, and well, let’s just say take it away at your own risk. I loves me some cheese. I love me dairy. i love milk, yogurt, sour cream, and did I mention CHEESE? So when they said, come out to Super Suppers and sample dairy based meals and drink wine and meet and talk with other Blogging Moms I was all “Sure!” But when they said and you will make a weeks worth of six portion meals to take home for free? I was all, “Please. You had me at cheese.”

So yes, I am a mom who BlOGS. So when Danielle at Foodmomiac emailed and invited me I was all, “Who, me? Oh, I am, um I am not really anybody..(and then my inner bully came out to beat um my humble self and said, “SHUT THE HELL UP- FREE FOOD STUPID!”) And I said, “Um, YES!!!” And so, they wanted ME!! Little old me! So last night I left Best Boyfriend Ever with the kids and homework and said, “Family, Mom is going off to cook tonite! And I will bring back meals the likes of which you have never seen, nor likely heard of before, nor likely will ever see again. So enjoy this frozen pizza tonite, because for the next week you will dine like you have a mother who COOKS!” And off I went to forage into the jungle and bring back my family the food they so richly deserve. And can enjoy for a week at which time we are back to macaroni and cheese and hot dogs. But there will be leftovers.

ok, so Super Suppers in Decatur is one of these places that you make a week or 2 weeks worth of food in about two hours and take it all home. They provide all the ingredients, easy to follow menus and everything to bring it home with and freeze. Along with the instructions how to cook it. Now, i don’t know if they do that all the time, but they also gave us WINE while be made the meals. BONUS! So there I am in this wonderful little shop meeting mom bloggers from all over and talking and laughing and connecting. I particularly was fond of Sherri whom runs The Rebel Housewife and we swore we would get together again as we only love about 10 minutes apart. She even took a stack of my cards to hand out at the dog park! So after 2 and half hours we were done. With Sherri and I closing out the place because um, well, we apparently talk. A lot. So there I am with 6 huge meals for my family, plus a bag of goodies from the American Dairy Council and have met many other women, some of whom I hope to become friends with.

So I got home and the kids smelled the food and looked up at me with such pride and a glow of love that only two adoring children that want to know what real food tastes like can give and they and Best Boyfriend Ever all put me up on their shoulders and paraded me around the living room and chanted lovely things about me. No? Don’t believe me? Well, ok. Sophie asked if she could have all the free stuff. Noah wanted to know if it was gross did he have to eat it and the dogs paraded behind me sniffing my jeans and licking tomato sauce off my jeans. Best Boyfriend Ever did clear space in the freezer and looked pretty excited for our Pan Fried Ravioli tonite though. And then he kissed me. Eh, who needs to be on someone’s shoulders? I’d probably hit my head and fall off anyhow.

Here are other bloggers that were there. Please check them out as well as Super Suppers and The National Dairy Council. Cause they are my new bestest friends. And they encourage you to eat CHEESE!

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Oh, and pics will be coming later! (They had a reporter there and a photographer and I took some, but I forgot the little cord to download, but soon! So come back and look later!)

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