More DOGS than you can shake…oh never mind.

Ok, y’all. I love me some dogs. Maybe even more than cheese (read below) which means I love them a whole lot. I mean look around, I made a career out of my love of dogs. And that is cool. Awesome. Gives hopes to the masses that crazy ideas given enough time, energy and patience with the gas and electric company that you really will pay them SOON, you too can live your dream.

Ok, so dogs. I have my Lucy, a 90 lb yellow lab/shepherd mix. She is awesome, elegant, LISTENS to me and would rather go days without eating than to be rude and ya know, steal, or god forbid look like she is begging for food. She is just the sweetest most gentle dog. I have had her since she was 11 months old. She is 9 this month. And she will never get old and she will never die. She just won’t, so shut up.

Then there is Rufus. What can I say about him? He is a giant, stocky, drooly black lab/newfie mix that is as dumb as a box of rocks. We are almost certain that his brain, while it MUST exist, is certainly smaller than normal. Cause we can hear hollowness when you knock on his head. He behaves for the most part, but will ignore you just as easily. Let’s just say Rufus rides the short bus and I often imagine him saying, “Tell me about the rabbits again, Lucy.” But god love him, he is the lovey-doviest, drooliest, most happy dog ya ever did meet. He just wants love and will smoosh in next to you and just look at you with those big ol’ eyes and you just can’t help yourself but to love the big oaf back. I have had him since 11 months old too. He is now 5. He once ate an entire couch. Stripped it to the wood. But he was a puppy then. Sure, a 100 lb puppy, but still, a puppy.

And two 100 lb dogs is a whole lotta dog. And sure, I sometimes look wistfully at the people with the yorkies and pugs and imagine my smaller dog food bill or kennel bill, but then, I can sleep with all my doors and windows open at night, cause I just DARE you to break in to THIS house. heh.

So when I met Best Boyfriend Ever, he had to be a dog person. And he is. As a matter of fact, he has his own Big Dog just like me. She is Skyler And she is sweet and pretty, and just a bit sneaky. And she has been living separate since February because my itty bitty apartment simply could not contain all the dogs and kids and adults necessary. We tried. And a bloody nose made us wait. And then came the house. I LOVES ME MY NEW HOUSE!!! (see below) So I was very excited that the new BIG house meant we could finally bring Sklyer around and hopefully all the dogs would like each other. We hired a trainer and everything. And people? It worked! And we did the whole dog whisperer thing where me and Best Boyfriend Ever are leaders of our very own dog pack y’all!

And the dogs love each other now. And play. A lot. Loudly. VERY LOUDLY. And I find myself constantly saying, “Rufus! Lucy! Sklyer! Relax!” They love to play and run and rough house and you would think they were all damn puppies. And I can’t leave them alone for 5 minutes, it is like having toddlers again. Sneaky Pete, I mean, Sklyer steals stuff. She is like a ninja. She quietly sneaks up next to you and the next thing you know a sock is gone or a shoe. Or she has her nose in the trash or your food or you, well anything. She is an inquisitive dog. And I am hoping that my dogs CALM will eventually spillover to her. We are getting a fence put inthe backyard soon so that we can send them outside to play when they need to get their energy out, but right now we have to exercise them. So to keep things peaceful at night and not all Dog Fight Club ‘let me see if I can hump you now, howz ya like that?’ we have to walk these three a minimum of 2 miles a day, up and down hills so that they will RELAX at night.

So right now it is all calm and I am working (painting and blogging is too work!) and lookee here at all the DOG I done have me.

But moments earlier it was all, “Oh yeah? Howz about some of this beeeeatch!”

So ya know, it keeps ya on your toes, but there is no shortage of dog love here. And I have to say, I like that quite a lot.

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