Working from home. LOVELY!

Working from home today. I will get my design work done and paint at lunch. The second I am off work at 2pm I need to finish up a painting of two cats, two super cute wheaton terriers and sketch out a big 4’x4′ for a nursery of two adorable pooches. Plus I need to get all the cards and prints I make online because the lovely Christine, owner of Bubbles and Biscuits wants to carry my cards and prints. I figure it is a great test market and an opportunity not to let go by. Working from home makes me miss it so much. I went that past two years doing it and altho i love my pt job at the college, I can’t wait for they day i can be doing my art again full time. But bills must be paid and at least i love the job and the people I work with. That is a plus. The time will come again and I am more patient than I have ever been, not sure why, but I am just content to live life lately. It’s a good feeling.

Will post pics soon of things I am working on. Time to go design a program and do some brochure edits.

Oh, and I GAINED 1.5 lbs! BAh! Serves me right for eating all that salad and doing all that running this weekend! My body is obviously very upset with me at the lack of WINE. But I will be a good girl, there is a pretty red dress and great jeans hanging in my closet that I want to wear more than I want that wine or donut. Well, not really, but I can always run another mile, right? Heh.

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