Brain Tired

I’m tired y’all. And I have a pinched nerve in my neck that has caused a knot the size of a golf ball in my neck. For the past week I have been going to bed well past midnight to finish commissions. Last night i got to bed at 3:33am. I just remembered cause it’s a cool time. I am hardly coherent today. It is my day off and this morning I got some prints ready for a client that I was delivering a commission to. It was a 36×36 painting. I finished an 18×25 going to Myrtle Beach and before that was a 16×20 going to Pennsylvania. And it is not procrastination that is the problem, it is my damn JOB that gets in the way of my daylight hour painting! Hey, God! I have been asking really nicely for that bag of money. What gives? When is it coming? I have dogs to paint darnit and all these brochures are getting in my damn way!

I am delivering another painting at 2:30pm and I have to finish up my new, um, what do I call them? My brain is asleep. Product i am selling for Christmas. I have to have the ad done to go on Pampered Puppy by Sunday. But really it has to be today because ya know what I am doing today? Getting the hell out of dodge! This week was just the beginning of the mad holiday painting craziness. So me and Best Boyfriend Ever are hightailing it out of town to Pensacola to see his family and hang with the coolest couple ever. I cant wait to get out of here, but still have a bazillion things to do before then. Like write this blog. Cause me? I gots me priorities!! And I have so little time, but keeping my reader informed of my whereabouts is important. Cause I know you care. heh.

But I will say this. There are some things you learn at 3am watching emergency surgery shows on Discovery Health while you paint. When an appendix burst, you don’t want to be in a teaching hospital. I am telling you those two doctors looked like they were playing operation and actually slipped with the metal thingy that holds your gut open. You don’t want to get stuck by a needle just used on an illegal alien in a Texas hospital. you don’t want to BE an illegal alien running from the border patrol cause when you get hit by a car, your spine can bend at a 45 degree angle and it looks REALLY painful! (but I bet he spent less (read: NOTHING) than I did for my broken finger And luckily I am tired cause what a rant THAT could turn into!) And finally, seatbelts are INDEED a good thing. Cause when you don’t wear them? You get into the ER and you can have the top part of your head all flippy flappy and open so that every one sees your brain. The moral of the story? Get started on your painting earlier in the day if you can, create less brochures for more painting time and wear your seatbelts people.

Here is one of my paintings I did this week that I just delivered, it is 36×36 and will hang over baby Amelia’s crib (awwwww):

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