Itty Bitty Minis!!

Just imagine…It is Christmas morning…. Great Aunt Gertrude is about to open your present. And you never know what to get her. She has everything. And she is kind of grumpy these days what with Florida dipping all the way down to the 70’s this year and all and she didn’t move to Florida to be cold dammit, what is going on? She spends an hour telling you about how much her knees hurt, her elbows hurt and dammit, why don’t you visit more? Every year she opens everyone’s present and declares that that is a very nice scarf, or blanket, or socks, but she is 80 years old and has eleventy billion scarfs, hats, and socks thankyouverymuch, and just what the hell is she going to do with another one!? So she mumbles something about just letting Fifi (the monster Chihuhua that loves Great Aunt Gerty, but will eat any other human’s fingers right down to the bone) sleep on it. You spend $60 on a designer cashmere scarf and the damn dog is going to get it for a dog bed. “Just great”, you think. She loves that dog more than life itself and well, if you aren’t Fifi, and you aren’t talking about Fifi she isn’t too interested in what you have to say.

Now, fast forward to December 2007. She opens up your present and there, much to her delight is an adorable image of her beloved Fifi painted with Great Aunt Gertie’s signature tangerine color in the background. (You know it is her signature color because you have heard the story about the tangerine colored dress she wore to the dance hall that fateful Saturday night so many years ago that caught the sailor’s eye and how that sailor became her husband thankyouverymuch, and from then on she was “The looker in the tangerine dress and back then a girl didn’t have to go around showing her vajayjay to the whole damn world and girls today just need to find their signature color thankyouverymuch.” And you have heard THIS story eleventy million and one times.) She looks over at you and breaks into a big, giant smile. She LOVES it! YOU are the HERO!! Your siblings glare at you and quietly push their skid proof socks back under the tree. Great Aunt Gertie is so happy she declares she is rewriting her Will TONITE and leaving you everything. EVERYTHING!!! You sit back, cross your arms and relish in this perfect moment. Your life is changed forever…All because you had the wisdom to buy that pet portrait. YOU.ARE.A.GENIUS.


For the holidays this year I am selling a brand new pet portrait size. They are super cute and a great holiday gift without breaking the bank. My mini pet portraits are the perfect gift for that hard to shop for pet lover in your life. Or just the right price to treat yourself! These little pet portraits are on 4″x4″ gallery wrapped canvases and have little wooden easels for display. They are varnished with a gloss coating for protection and will look super cute next to your desk! C’mon! You know you want one! And think of the money it will bring you!

You can order by going to my home page and you can specify, breed, color and background. You can order and pay right there. Or you can always email me your order. And if your dog doesn’t fit a standard breed description? Just email me little snookums picture and I will be more than happy to use your pic! Shipping is $5 for the first one and free for any others you order.

Ok, selling time is over. But I do hope you buy some cause I kid you not, the cuteness factor on these is overwhelming. Sophie got home yesterday and walked into the dining room and wanted them all. And maybe, just maybe, it will get you everything in the Will. It could happen.

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