And so it begins.

This was the exchange a few nights ago between me and my precious son of 11, apparently the age that BOYS occasionally slip into MEN mode.

Me: Squish over Dude. (I say this every night, always call him Dude, have since he was 15 months and he has not made me stop. Yet. I lay with him before he goes to bed each night and talk for a few minutes, then kiss him goodnight and go downstairs.)

Dude: Ok, Mommy. (He calls me Mommy, Sophie calls me Mama. I love that more than I can say.)

Me: How was your day?

Dude: Good. Ya know, did school stuff hung out with my friends.

Me: You seem to have a lot of friends this year.

Dude. Yeah. (one word answers are a norm.)

Me: Like a lot of friends. You mention lots of different names.

Dude: Yeah.

Me: What are some of your friends’ names? (Don’t ask, I am just trying to keep the one word replies coming from Mr. Talkative.)

Dude: Oh, I don’t know…. Then he begins to list lots of names. Most of which are American Indian, Middle Eastern Indian, African American sounding. (We live in a very international section of Atlanta.)

Me: Wow. That is really cool. Ya know I grew up in like the whitest, white section up North next door to Whitey McWhite White. We had one African American kid in our school. It was a big deal too. I love that you don’t even notice skin color. It makes me happy.

Dude: …….

Me: (He must want me to keep talking, cause I am talking very passionately ya know, I truly am excited by this.) Ya know one, day, not now, I’m not saying NOW, but ONE DAY you might have a girlfriend. And you probably won’t even notice if she is white or black or Indian or anything. And I just think that is really, really cool. I just love that. I really do. Ya know? Ya know what I mean? Dude?

Dude: …..

Me: Dude?

Dude: “…Huh? What? I went to sleep when you started talking about your feeeeeeelings.”

Me: YOU. ARE. SUCH. A BOY. Goodnight!

Dude: AHAHAHAHAHA. I hear him laughing all the way down the stairs. Then, I love you Mommy, even if you do talk about feelings way too much!

And there you have it. Boys to Men. Just. Like. That.

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