Me and Dr. Phil…perfect together.

I am such a bad blogger. Bad, bad, bad. Leaving you all hanging like that week after week, wondering about my glamorous life and such. Yeah, I know you are. Now you know why I didn’t do that Namopolblowwhatzithoozi. Cause I stink at blogging sometimes. Here is the dealio. I have painting commissions, plus I was getting paintings ready for a book proposal that would be the second in a series if they say yes, plus I am working on 24 prototype paintings for another company for a super cool project we are working on that I cannot talk about yet, plus I am now talking with another company about doing some project sheets and I am working at my design job and up-ing my hours because those crazy kids of mine want more than a pack of chewing gum and a “here’s looking at you, kid” and a pat on the back on Christmas morning. Such spoiled little things.

So I have been a tad busy. But I still loves ya innernet. Even if I am like that boyfriend back in college that only called you when he wanted you-know-what and no matter how many times your girlfriends threatened you or got mad at you, you still went over there despite the guilt you would feel the next morning and besides your girlfriends always forgave you because you always forgave her when she got back from her walk of shame. Cause that’s just the way it is. So come back and keep reading. You know you want to. Come on baby, you know want to, cause it feels soooo goood.

And here is a sneaky peek at some paintings for the second book so y’all don’t think I am a big fat liar and I am in reality hanging out in my sweats and eating cheetos and drinking a nice merlot feeling holierthanthou while I cheer Dr. Phil on as he tells yet another dumbass that he is a dumbass. And now he is a dumbass on national television in front of God and his poor mama.

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