It hurts to be an artist y’all

Last week I painted every night until midnight or later. That was cool. Friday I got to dress up, have some free wine and food at Best Boyfriend Ever’s company holiday party. That was very cool. Saturday morning I woke up with a pinched nerve in between my shoulder blades that gave me a migraine headache and left me trying to recall as i lay there not able to move exactly what I had done that had broken my neck. And when I realized I had not had enough wine to cause a black out and could not for the life of me remember doing anything acrobatic during the party or after (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) I realized it was a pinched nerve. I guess I should not be surprised between the design work and painting – so many hours of sitting in the same position for hours on end. I guess I need to start some yoga or something. And hey that could help in other areas, right? (wink, wink, nudge.. oh never mind) So basically Saturday which was supposed to be an all day painting day turned into hot showers, icy hot, heating pads and Best Boyfriend Ever being told, “Harder, harder, harder!” Yeah, as he pressed on the knots in my back – what were you thinking?? What kind of readers are you? Oh, MY kind, of course you were thinking the more fun thoughts. Carry on y’all.

So Sunday even though I still really hurt a lot, I HAD to paint. HAD to. I have deadlines and bills. So I took about fourty-hundred advil, icy hotted my little self up and got to work. I painted from 9am to 1:30am only stopping to look up at the before shot and then the after shot from the various plastic surgery shows and listening to everything in between. Oh, and the DaVinci Code? Not so great to just listen to. Lost of subtitles and quiet dark scenes where you have to look up a lot. Just so you know next time you are having a marathon doing something while you watch tv, but can’t actually watch tv.

So all in a all a painfully productive weekend. And I am back at my design job today. Cause I am a trooper y’all! I am not a quitter, or a whiner or a complainer! No! Not me! The show must go on! Well, in reality it is more like, the bills must get paid. So there ya go. I will work until 2pm, go get my kids then paint again tonite. Cause my phone already texted me that I am late with my payment. Like I need my phone reminding me I am late, right? I see a little text icon in my meeting and I get all excited that maybe my boyfriend texted me a little sweet something something and it is my damn phone saying, “Hey loser! You’re late! AGAIN.” Stupid phone.

BUT. I do have something cool to announce y’all. Last week I was contacted by a company that makes commercials. One of the people that worked there had seen my artwork at my last festival. This person asked me if they could use some of my artwork for some tv spots they were doing. He said my art was perfect for it and they would love to use it. !!!!!!!!!! So on Saturday he came by my studio and picked out 7 paintings for commercials shooting all this week. And the BEST part??? It is for the PBS Kids network SPROUT. I could not be more thrilled that my little old art is going to experience 15 seconds of fame. I will post the commercials if I am allowed once they are done. HOW COOL IS THAT?! And i would totally do the happy dance if I could turn my head or move quickly without it hurting so damn bad.

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