I have to admit something. And I have decided to come forward and speak the truth right here on the innernet y’all. Cause I’m classy like that. December has been a crazy month for me for 5 years now. This year is no exception. I work late every night to get my paintings done so that people have them for Christmas morning. Cause ya know, I took their money and promised them. I have never been late and disappointed a holiday client yet. I am getting close this year, cutting it very close. I have to have all my commissions done and ready to be mailed Monday morning. And I will. But this has caused a strain on me. I have been needing a little extra attention. I have been needing that little something special to get me through it.

Y’all I am having an affair. Yes. It’s true. Best Boyfriend Ever is amazing. Really he is. But lately… well I have been needing more. This new man in my life gets me up in the morning. He is the last man I think about when I go to bed. Before my eyes open in the morning my heart flutters just a bit at the thought of him. In the afternoons he is that second wind, that gets me through to evening, dinners, homework, my late night painting. He is strong, oh so strong. And his scent? No cologne in the world compares… Dare I say it, he gets me more excited than my crush Bon Jovi. Best Boyfriend Ever, I am sorry. For now, just through December, you are going to have to share me. My heart belongs to him:

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