Ok, Christmas was most excellent and I will add pictures later today. I had four glorious days of not working that involved lots of hanging with the kids, relaxing with the family and eating amazing food my mom made. I have no idea how we are related cause i have zero point none of her cooking talent. None. So I ate. A LOT. And somehow did not gain any weight in those four days. Best Boyfriend Ever and i got home yesterday about 4pm. The kids stayed up there for a few more days for extra grandma and grandpa time. We unloaded the car, picked up the mongrels, I mean dogs, and then I jumped on the treadmill because while I didn’t gain anything, I can tell that all the pie and cookies was just waiting until I least suspected it, and that any day now I would get on the scale and I would be 10 lbs heavier. Cause my body is all sneak attack like that. One day my jeans fit fine and the next day? BAM! Can’t. Breathe. So I am on my mission to lose the last 15 lbs. Then I will be happy and all my hopes and dreams will come true. What? No? Don’t skinny jeans have magical dream answering abilities? Shut up. They do too liarheads.

But it is now almost 2pm and I need to finish 7 paintings by the time I go to bed. I have 6 to do tomorrow and 6 the day after. Then all the prototype paintings will be done. I will document the wonderous painting feat here. It is almost 2pm and I slept in so I will have to be up late. I will take one break to go running and then come back to it. Tonite (tomorrow morning?) I will pst the sessions after paintings. Here is the before – tune in about oh, let’s say 3am to see the after…

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