serves me right

Well y’all, I painted into the wee hours of the night and just about got all the 7 paintings done to complete the first 12 I promised. I went to bed and thought I would just do the outlines then do the next six. Then the next day to the last six. Then I would do the work for the college I am supposed to get done by the time I go back to work. Right? Wrong.

This is what happens when I take 4 days off and don’t work. I pay the price. I wake up at 7am with a stomach virus. Oh yes. The fun kind. The making bargins with God kind. Then the making bargins with the devil kind. Then the ‘oh please oh please just let me die’ kind. The. Real. Fun. Kind. Where hours and hours after you know you got nothing left, your stomach makes some sadistic bet with some other body part, perhaps that needless, jokester appendix, that trouble maker just trying to make everyone else miseable. It goes like this:

Appendix: Hey, stomach that was a nice performance! Really, you got that stuff outta there!!

Stomach: Gee, thanks Appendix! I do try…

Appendix: It was pretty good.

Stomach: Pretty good? Pretty good? That was some of my best work! I cleaned this girl OUT!!

Appendix: Well, I suppose…if you say so…

Stomach: What??? You don’t think I did enough? You think this girl has anything at all left in her system??? Not a chance!

Appendix: Hey look buddy, if you think that was good enough, then that’s fine. I guess I’m just a perfectionist…

Stomach: What?!?! Well I’ll show you!!

And then I proceed to throw up for another two hours despite the fact that I have absolutely nothing to actually throw up. Dry heaves are just the best, aren’t they? Damn appendix.

So, I didn’t get to paint that day. And the next day I was a bit slow to finish the outlines. I’m a tad behind today as well. But I’m not worried. I figure the devil and I have a pretty good binding contract now, everything will be just fine. I mean, if you can’t trust a stomach flu stopping devil, who can ya trust?

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