weekend raking and things accomplished and tried to accomplish

Thank you to all the people that commented and emailed me to wish me and my family well. It is so nice to know how much peope care. We are all doing well and just get super pissy every once in a while. Like when we remember that file that is lost forever and now we have to create. Or that Chrismas picture or new photo of a painting I can’t take cause they took my damn digital camera. Stuff like that. makes me mad. But time to move on.

I decided that this weekend i was going to finish the mailbox come hell or high water. But first there was the problem of all the leaves in our yard. I thought, ya know what, I will just wake my little self up on Saturday morning and rake the fornt yard! yes I will! And then I can come inside finish the mailbox and put it out. Cause ain’t nothing like a nice pretty front yard for a nice new pretty mailbox, right? Well, I filaed to realize that there are ninety billion oak trees around here. And apparently all the leaves and the neighbors leaves decided to all fall in our yard. So two days and 20 leaf bags later, the lawn looks AWESOME. And I used me some muscles I didn’t know I had. And Best Boyfriend Ever was right there with me. Cause ya know what? He is that amazing guy that simply CANNOT watch me work. If I do the dishes he gets up to help, If I start to make dinner he gets up and helps press the microwave buttons or dials the delivery man. He is awesome. And he does laundry! Mostly because he is the most bestest boyfriend ever, but maybe a little bit because if left up to me he would be forced to wear the 80’s clothes in the back of his closet that he is not sure why he kept, but it is the only shirt he has that is clean and ya know what? Leather patches on a sweater are cool. Right? Yeah, so he does laundry cause me? Not so much.

So anyhoozles, the mailbox did not get done cause I had to finish some paintings for super secret project that I was supposed to finish until I began throwing up a spleen, and what next? Oh right, the home invasion…Pesky things getting in my way.

So I finsihed them up and they are the cutest things ever. But I can’t show you cause I don’t have a camera cause, oh never mind.

But it is 2am and I am tired and I have work tomorrow and i am supposed to be creative and organized enough to come finish up all the event design needs for a big MLK celebration and an annual report needs a cool new design concept. Thing they might like cute little dogs all over it?

all right, over and out.

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