Awww, yeah, off the chain!

People, if only for a moment, I was cool. Cooooool Yesterday I was SO COOL. People clapped and cheered and laughed and were joy-filled and little old me made them that way! Have you ever been in an echo-y gym with lots and lots of little people absolutely giddy at something making them happy? Yesterday was career day at my daughter’s elementary school. I took the whole day off and gave 6 45 minute presentations to four year olds up to 11 year olds. I cannot tell you how much fun, how fulfilling how much it FILLED ME UP. I showed these lovely girls and boys my art. As I turned around each canvas, one at a time, making them tell me each breed, I was met with the purest, most delightful laughs and gasps of joy. I thought I could just float away on the laughter of little children yesterday. Both the boys and the girls asked me questions over and over and over. “How can I be an artist?” “Can I draw dogs too?” “What kind of paint do you use?” Then “I have 2 dogs! Will you paint my dogs?” “Have you painted fish??” (yes) “Have you painted rabbits?” (yes) “Have you painted snakes?” (yes) “Have you painted rats?” (no, but I have done a mouse) Every single session ended with kids running up to me and hugging, saying they wanted to be just like me, saying thank you for coming, thank you for showing them my art.

I left on top of the world. I have already had some emails from some kids that went and looked at my website last night. Last night my daughter says that one of the boys in her class said, “Sophie, your mom and her art are off the chain!” And that just about made my head explode and I smiled so big. And I stood in the kitchen in front of her and did a happy dance cause I was a COOL MOM! To which she replied, ” Um, mom. Please don’t do that. That dancing is NOT cool.” I guess my coolness does not extend to my dance skills. heh.

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