Life is good, and it is hard to get used to

The car? Is awesome. Like, crazy awesome. I have been burning cd’s every morning right before I leave for work. Best Boyfriend Ever looks down to see. Then. Sighs….shakes his head…walks away… “What???!” I yell after him. “You gotta problem with Jon Bon Jovi???”

“Isn’t that like, your FOURTH Bon Jovi cd you’ve burned?” he asks. But he asks in THAT tone. Ya know, the lord help us, isn’t one Bon Jovi plenty enough for the whole world, and maybe you all can just pass that ONE cd along to each other cause what are there five of you fans of his in the whole wide world? THAT TONE. Why, why, WHY is there no love for my Jon Jon? Ya know what, Best Boyfriend Ever? You better count your little lucky stars that that man is married with four children, cause if he wasn’t…well, if he wasn’t….well, it’s just a good thing, is all I’m sayin’. And by the way Best Boyfriend Ever, you best learn you some of the lyrics because when we go to his concert in April you better be SINGING pal, not just mumbling along or looking all bored, and God help you if I see so much as an eye roll at that concert! So go listen to that cd I made you. It has some old school stuff plus last year’s Have a Nice Day and ends with his new Lost Highway songs quite nicely. You will be tested. And you won’t want to disappoint. Just sayin’.

So, anyhoo, love the car and I get to belt out my Bon Jovi while I am cruisin’ the highway to work. Sadly, now I can actually TAKE the highway without fear of my car turning off suddenly as I am about to pass a tractor trailer at 70 mph. It is sad, because I get to work 15 minutes earlier and just when I am really into it, really hitting those notes along with Jon Jon, ready to raise up that lighter in harmony with my fellow Jersey Bon Jovi lovin’ family…CRAP. Work appears. But work is what pays for the awesome car and my new awesome stereo in said car that actually WORKS. It is a vicious circle you see, don’t you? So to work I go to pay for that awesome car. But I go into work knowing that 8 short hours later or less I will be serenaded on my way home with the sweet, sweet melody of Jon as he croons about laying ME down on a bed of roses. Oh yes, he will…

So in summary, the car is good, life is good, can’t complain. And it is weird. It has been so many Januaries in the past 12 years that have sucked. And sucked bad. Like wonder where my next job is coming from bad. Like no one orders commissions in January cause everyone is paying off presents from Christmas bad. Like ‘call the electric company and turn on some tears and tell them how Pop Pop needed that cataract surgery cause it was the FIRST time he would be able to see the new baby and who knows how long he might still be around, he always has to use the oxygen now, and so I just HAD to use my electric bill money and so can I pretty please with sugar on top have a payment arrangement?’ kinda tears. You think that story is a not true? Tears work, people. For reals.

So there ya go, life is good and I can hardly stand it. Work is good, bills are getting paid and I am getting commissions and my book is selling and I am waiting on some REALLY BIG news that I wish I could talk about but I cannot yet. (And to my sisters? NO, I AM NOT PREGNANT!) Life is good and I am enjoying it. And I was soooo lazy this past weekend and slept in not one, but TWO days in a row! And ya know what? It was decadent, and I LOVED it. There. I said it. I was lazy and I loved it. But in a few days it is February and I will start working again, promise. Ok, maybe one more weekend of sleeping in. But that’s it. I promise. For reals.

2 thoughts on “Life is good, and it is hard to get used to

  1. Your blog is fantastic! Yesterday was the first time I’d seen it, but after I finished I had to bookmark it! I could hardly wait to see what you had written today! Enjoy that car girl, and maybe Best Boyfriend Ever will pass the test!

  2. Oh, we’ll see if he will pass! He read this entry and dared to roll his eyes! Now he has TWO cd’s to memorize!!

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