An afternoon of exploring for me and The Soph

We had a warm day the other day and Noah was at jazz practice until 6pm. The Soph and I went for an explore. We belted out Sheryl Crow with the windows down then found some secrets path in the park that led to a new clubhouse made out of a tree and a secret, secret path under a bridge to a section that you can’t get to anywhere from roads. And as a special treat – if it will work – I will add the video from the explore entitled “It’s NOT a park!” Turn up your volume and you can hear Sophie’s exasperated tones with me. Why? Who knows. Apparently hormones begin kicking in at about 9 1/2 – or in her case when she was born. I think she may have been pms-ing in the womb. Half the time I am the coolest mom ever and the other half I am barely tolerable. Everyday is different and I never know what I will get with her. The Soph is like a box of chocolates… But lordee, do I adore this child.

(all of these taken with the trusty Hannah Montana Digital Camera!)

Here we are driving and singing. We are AWESOME. Can you even believe she let me sing with the windows down??? Five minutes later she may have been mortified by me! heh.

Here we are in the secret clubhouse. And we are COOL.

And now…your feature film…(I compressed it a lot so sorry for the poor quality)

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