Bizarro world!

There must be something in the water. Y’all know what I did this weekend? Are ya ready? Mom, sit down. This is going to shock you and you could might fall down and hit your head. I cleaned. Yup. The whole dang house. Now, ok, Best Boyfriend Ever helped too. We done cleaned the whole house from top to bottom, every corner, ever floor. I know! How crazy is that?? And we relaxed after that. Yup. Went and got pizza and shared a pitcher of beer for lunch. That night? We watched two great movies. One was the Pursuit of Happyness – and people, I BAWLED my eyes out. Seriously, just cried through the whole thing. Even finally gave up trying to hide it from BBE. LOVE that movie.

Then, yesterday I finished off some paintings and got them in the mail and well, relaxed some more. I feel like the laziest person on the planet because I have not been painting very much lately- just working at the design job. I know I should just enjoy all this relaxing free time, because I know it will get busy again. But I get scared. SCARED. First housecleaning. What next?! Cooking! People, I STEAMED fresh veggies last night! Good lord, I might BAKE next! Can you imagine the repercussions on the children? A clean house, fresh laundry at all times, HEALTHY food each night followed by scrumptious home made baked goodies??!!! They might come to EXPECT me to be a GOOD mother ALL THE TIME! The madness has got to stop. It’s clearly time to think up a some time consuming painting project. Next thing you know I will be sewing! Or paying bills! On time!! And that? That is just not acceptable, people. I am pretty sure an me having an organized home is one of the signs of the apocalypse. If you see a bunch of white horses running by your window you can blame me and come on by for some homemade brownies in my nice clean house sitting next to the windows with the pretty hand-sewn chintz* curtain.

*I don’t even know what chintz is. Sorry mom.

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