magnets are in….

I haven’t gotten the personalized plates yet – kinda tight on fundage until next month. But yesterday I went to just get my tags transferred and the lady asked me how I like my car. I kid you not people, I GUSHED about this car like it was my first-born child. “It’s SO roomy! And it drives SO nice! And the color is just fantastic and the floor? Don’t even get me started! NO CARPET! I know!! I just vacuum the dirt and hair right up and VIOLA! clean again! And she hardly every cries and get this, she is already is sleeping through the night!!!” Don’t bother telling me, I’m a dork I know…

But the magnets came in! I have a few dogs that are not on there and I have some window decals too…but I think this is plenty for now. It may make me look crazy, and I certainly am not going to go unnoticed now, that is for sure, but it makes me soooo happy when I see my car. heh. I don’t even care if it gets me more pet portraits…ok, it would be nice if it does, but I still love all my doggies and flowers! (these pics are kinda ick, but I still have no decent digital camera – no offense Disney and your stellar Hannah Montanta versions – I am glad to have this, but still…)

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