Sibling love….

Makes you all warm and fuzzy, doesn’t it?

This is pretty much any given moment in their lives. No two children love to makes each other’s lives as irritating as they possibly can. And I mean that. Sincerely. If they even get the HINT that something will bug the crap out of the other, they will be sure to go out of their way to do it. Again. And again. And again. Oh, and AGAIN. Until I hit my breaking point which comes right after the following few sentences, “Guys? Mom is about to lose it. Mom is about to get LOUD. You don’t like me when I get loud, do you?”

And pretty much that ends the current battle with one of them getting one last smack, kick, bump before they run away. But sometimes? Every once in a while they simply CANNOT help themselves getting high off of the irritation they are causing the other and despite the ominous third person warning from mom, they continue. Now, in general, I am a pretty calm person. I don’t raise my voice that often. But when I lose it? It is like a movie and the room gets dark, my eyes turn red my skin turns green and my voice gets deep and scary and I BELLOW. The dogs hide. The sun goes dark. The boyfriend finds somewhere else to be. The children shudder.

And as quick as it came, it is over. The kids stop fighting. They scurry upstairs to their rooms to which they have been banished until I say they can come back down. The sun comes back out, the dogs peer tentatively around the corner and the boyfriend returns. I usually I make them stay up there for half an hour, they have to apologize to each other, they have to hear me lecture them about listening to me the FIRST time for the eleventy-billionth time and then all is good.

But seriously, if I say in a calm sweet voice that I am about to get angry? You best stop what is annoying me or run and hide. Cause you won’t like me when I’m angry.

There shortest distance doesn’t exist.

I started a pet portrait last night. It is of an absolutely adorable westie, named Charlotte. It is my first commission in a while. A looong while. The beginning of the year is always slow for orders, but with the economy, it seems cute paintings of your pet are not high on the ol’ priority list. Seems that people want to do crazy things like pay their bills or feed their kids. Bah. Whatever. Hey, what’s a little Top Ramen when you can have a painting of Fifi at the beach hanging on your wall?!!? No, really I understand, I do. In February I took a full time job. My first one in 6 years. (the last one was fr a coll design studio and I lasted 4 months before I quit to paint pet portraits. “Hi Mom and Dad! You recovered from your duel heart attacks nicely!!”) And I am still wrapping my mind around this new job some days. Luckily I adore my job and my co-workers. I have the most amazing bosses and truly enjoy coming to work. Which freaks me out enough. I think it helps that I have been freelancing for this place for over 7 years. So it is familiar and comfortable and I really believe in the work I create. I juggle anywhere from 4 jobs to 10 jobs at any given time, deal with clients and vendors directly and best of all, I am trusted to handle it all. And ohmigod, they let me leave early every other week to get my kids from school! HELLO AWESOMENESS!! That makes me very loyal to this place. But still, there are days I long for my studio. My cute pink office with the hot pink curtains surrounded by art on every wall. I have amazing memories working there. I got rid of my studio and have an office at home that I have not even organized yet. It is a mess of boxes with a giant dog kennel in it. Only my computer is set up. In my mind I see an adorable, comforting place to work in, but I am not ready to create it yet. It is good that I have not had many commissions yet this year. It makes me feel like the choice to take this job was right. I struggled, lord how I struggled at first when the job opened up. It took probably a full month for my boss to really believe I wanted to go from part time to full time. I think the last she ever heard me say on the topic off full time employment was along the lines of “Heeeeeeell NO, do I want full time work! This girl is a FREE spirit, being in a cube 8 hours a day will KILL me! KILL ME! Did you hear me? HELL NO!” So yeah, I had to jump through a few hoops, go many extra miles just to convince her I was serious. Now, imagine doing all that when deep down you are scared to death about the decision.

I have been a freelancer since day one. I graduated art school 7 1/2 months preggers. Let’s just say potential employers aren’t exactly lining up to hire you when your belly bumps into them before they even see your portfolio. I LOVE the freelance life. I love hustling. I love knowing that every dime I made was from my own hard work. Oh my gosh, the highs, talk about a rush! There is nothing like getting that check in the bank just in time and the bills get paid and NOTHING bounces! There is nothing like it. And you are on top of the world. For a full TEN minutes sometimes. Then you begin to worry about the next bill, and the next job you need to get. And then there are the lows. Ouch. Like the days the check they promised doesn’t come in. The days you didn’t make it to the bank in time. The days the lights get turned off on a Friday and you can’t get them back until Monday. Oh, those days are no fun at all. And the nights you stay up for hours just thinking about how to juggle what little money you DO have so that everyone gets something and you can still feed your kids. And this is after having stayed up until 3pm to finish a gotta have it RUSH project by your client, just so you can submit an invoice that you won’t see the money from until 3 weeks from now IF you are LUCKY and IF they give it to the accountant on time (freelancers are the red-headed step children – we work the hardest get paid LAST.) Or how about the days there is a field trip coming up for both your kids that they need money for and you need gas and you need dog food? Why did I love this life again? Oh, right. Those ten minutes of high are THAT awesome! (this is why I don’t try drugs – I imagine I could be in trouble) And I did that for SO many years. But it was worth it. I got to stay home with my kids for 3 1/2 years when they were babies. I got to have the highs and the satisfaction of knowing I did it all on my own. I opened up a studio, ran and art school for kids for a while, and for almost 6 years have been selling original paintings all over the United States.

And I will never stop painting. Ever. And I am about to start advertising my art again. And I have commercial projects in the works that are being considered and having many, many meetings over. And hell, I have a BOOK out! (Have you bought yours yet? No? What the hell are you waiting for??? I don’t want to be in this damn cube FOREVER!!! GO BUY IT NOW! Heh. Just kidding. Not really – go!)

Which brings me to my point – especially for the others out there that want to eventually escape the cube. This process is NOT linear. There is no shortest point to get from the cube to working for yourself. It takes time. It takes creativity. Multiple income streams. Figuring out what you are willing to sacrifice to be your won boss. Deciding if you are ready to not have job security any more. Nothing happens overnight. Not even if you DO get Oprah’s attention. I guarantee you that before who ever did find their way to Oprah and her show, they struggled for YEARS before the timing was right. You do what you do because you love it. You map out a dream and follow it the best you can. Life will simply not follow all your directions. Sometimes it will. Oh, and the sweetness when it does! When you know you are on the path and every single piece of the puzzle falls into place and you know DAMN well the Big Man is on your side, because it feels like he is holding your hand along the way. But then sometimes the path veers and it veers so far away from what you love, what was working, from a life that you had created through blood, sweat and tears and you can’t for the life of you figure out why God is doing this to you. And that? Oh, it is so hard. And you cry, and you cry some more and you try harder. And harder. And harder. And still it won’t work. And finally you give in. You have to. Because life just is that way. And if you keep fighting it you get more and more miserable and the perfect life you were loving and so grateful for isn’t perfect anymore because for whatever reason you are being taken down another road. And I am on another road. One I thought with all my heart I would never be on.

And I finally gave in and decided not to fight it and see the wonderfulness in it. I have no idea how long I will be here. And lord knows I am still doing my thing on nights and weekends and my dreams are still there, real as ever. I write about them, draw them, dream about then. And I know they WILL happen. I know it. And I will never give up on them. But in the meantime I am here in a cube, hurrying up this entry before I need to get to work. And I love this job. I love the people. And I would be a liar, liarhead if I said I didn’t love my nice fat paycheck. Ohmigod! Money!! EVERY month! Deposited RIGHT INTO MY BANK ACCOUNT! And all I have to do is show up for work and do my job. And the insurance? I can not only break every damn finger if I want and have it PAID for, but I can even get my teeth cleaned – for like $15 dollars!!!! And people? There is FREE coffee here! EVERY DAMN DAY! And the sweetest woman on earth MAKES it for us. Like MAGIC. And I laugh all day long, get to design cool stuff and my coworkers know all about my art life. Just yesterday my boss’ boss’ boss (got that? three tiers up) was in my office joking with me and I gave him a copy of my book. He insisted he pay for it. I said, ‘Sounds good!’ – Hey he makes big bucks he can afford it!) So I am in a place where I can share my dreams at the same time as make money for my family. And I am thinking this 9-5 life is not as horrible as I have made it out to be. Perhaps you cube people are quite clever with your paychecks, insurance and stability…

So right now I am not steering the ship. And I am ok with it. And I guess I have to just admit that I was never steering in the first place. So any of you out there feeling like your dream is never going to happen? Don’t you believe that crap for a second! Just keep plugging along. Do it because you must, because you love it. It will happen. We just don’t get to say when it will happen or how it will happen. But I promise you this, if you do not give up, it HAS to happen. Perseverance is what it is all about. Keep putting yourself out there, keep creating, keep trying. The only way you can fail is if you quit. I PROMISE.

Oh. And if by chance you are the lucky .0001% of people that ARE overnight successes and Oprah found you after you mailed her your manuscript written out in a longhand in that spiral notebook and she loved it so much that she single-handedly got you published, put you on her show as soon as it was on the shelves and you now have a dream life after just trying one measly time? WE ALL HATE YOU. Go away. (Just kidding. We love you, we want to be friends with you, we want to have lunch dates with you. And have you introduce us to Oprah.)

Guess who got a new camera???

Yesterday was the perfect hang out on the deck with the dogs day….Br>

This next picture was before she realized the door was open….And Rufus had JUST jumped out the window. And no, we do NOT claim to have the most intelligent dogs in the world…

And just cause it’s funny and I have a camera again. You can expect lots more like this. Why? Because he lets me….
(His shirt says ‘Algebra is for Lovers’)

It’s FRIDAY!!!!!! Get me the HELL out of here!

Hi everyone. it is is Friday. And is BEAUTIFUL today. And I have cabin fever. Spring fever. Get out of this cubicle and run away from responsibilities fever. And I see a nice blue sky and a pretty blooming pink tree out my window and all I want to do is GO PLAY! But alas, I have edits to a magazine, an ad to layout and something else to do I am sure. But maybe I can leave early. Maybe. Doesn’t a day like this deserved to be played in? I think yes. Don’t we owe it to God to go out and ENJOY this day he created JUST FOR US? I think YES! Can I get an AMEN? So whose with me? If we ALL leave early then what can our bosses say?? Let’s GO! Hey, why are you all still sitting there? What’s that about the electric bill? Gas bill? Groceries? Mom? Is that you reading my blog again?! Party poopers. Bah. You just reminded me I have to go pay my car insurance. But I am leaving early! And you can sit there till 5pm if YOU want, but I will just have to be thinking about you while I go have a margarita on some patio somewhere.

In the meantime here are some pics of my work environment. And yes, I am that messy. And thank goodness I am good at what I do so no one cares that it is this messy. And thank goodness Best Boyfriend Ever thinks I am cute cause I am that messy at home too. Oh! then there is me with my NEW SHORTER HAIR! Yay! (how much of a dork am I for posting this? Don’t answer that.)

Is it time to go yet?


How ’bout now?

In the mind of an artist.

Being an artist is not nearly as fun and romantic as everyone thinks it is. Well, not being an artist that wants to earn a living from their art one day, anyway. You should try living in our brains for a while. Then you will be oh so happy and grateful that you took your dad’s advice and went to law school, or got that accounting degree. I promise.

I am learning a lesson in patience right now. I have so many things going on out there in the universe and all I can do is hurry up and wait. I had such a flurry of excitement happening in January and so many good things said, so many promising business meetings, so many people interested in my art and ideas. But the creative world seems to move in fits and spurts then goes back to sleep for a while. Or so it seems. I know things are happening, moving forward but the silence is a killer. You wait and you wait. You wait until you cannot stand it ONE SECOND LONGER. So you send out that email. Just a light and breezy, “Hey, just touching base, how are things?” hoping that you don’t sound nearly as desperate for some kind of news as to what is going on as you actually are. Hoping you didn’t just mess EVERYTHING up by having the nerve to wonder how things are going and actually checking in.

This is how our heads work. An artist is a strange creature. One moment we are on top of the world, sure of our talents, knowing without a doubt what we were put on this earth to do and dammit, we are GOING to let our light SHINE come hell or high water! Then a mere five seconds later we wonder WHO in the hell we are and WHAT in the hell we were thinking and OH MY GOD I have blown my one big break by daring to question the timing of things and there are only ten gazillion other more talented people than me and the fact that they are even interested in me is surely some kind of mistake that they will find out soon and now I better get back to that magazine layout and THANK YOU GOD that I was smart enough take that day job and am I putting enough into my 401K because I already have to tell my kids that they better look into scholarships for college but at least I can try to manage to have enough money that they don’t have to take care of me one day, and what the hell was I thinking spending so many years on this crazy art thing when I should have been all Suze Orman and Dave Ramsey-ing the past ten years and I am so far behind everyone else on the whole financial security issue. What and idiot I am, of course nothing is going to happen, I am a dreamer just like they told me and it is time TO GET SERIOUS! (See how much fun being an artist is? Crunching those numbers seems pretty nice right now, doesn’t it?)

But then you see an email come into your inbox. And it says, “Things moving forward, just taking time is all. All still promising. Will be getting with you within the month. Showed your art to a colleague – they LOVE it too! Stay tuned! Glad you emailed!”

And then you breath again and a million more ideas for your art pop into your head and you wonder how you could ever doubt yourself so much, cause you? You are an art ROCK STAR!! And then think you should really check into those bipolar meds your mother keeps mentioning.

Ima gonna get crap for this…

I am wondering why it annoys me SO. VERY. MUCH. when your average ‘grew up in the ol’ U S of A person’ says things like “whilst” or spells words hullo, colour, behaviour…. Why, oh WHY does this want to make me pull my hair out?!? Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand that the problem is MINE, so don’t anybody get all up in arms over it and get all mad at me, but really. C’mon… You didn’t grow up on some sweeping English country side writing deep meaningful poetry while you waited for your ‘beloved’ to come home to you from the war. WHY DO YOU TALK LIKE THAT!? Probably just to drive me crazy. Cause it really is all about me. When will people GET that?! heh.

Crazy Girls Cooking Out

Friday night cookout…Before the tornados hit Atlanta. Dude. Tornados hit Atlanta. 10 minutes from here. Last time I tell Sophie “This rain is is no big deal, girlie! TRUST me, a tornado is so NOT hitting Atlanta! The news casters are cuh-razy! Ain’t gonna happen, it’s just some thunder and lightening and as usual, the weatherman is TOTALLY over-reacting.”

Uh. Ok, so CNN was a bit hard to explain this morning when they showed all of metro Atlanta ripped up. Oops. My bad.


That I knew more than just one line of any given song because the dude on last night’s, “Don’t Forget the Lyrics” was having So. Much. Fun! And how ironic it was that I actually knew he got the line wrong and lost $175,000.

Off to Savannah!

I am sitting here with hair color on my head as I wait the prescibed 25 minutes. Let this be a warning to all the youngsters out there contemplating coloring your hair, once you start, you CANNOT stop! It is not an addition, no, it is just that you will never EVER find the natural color of your hair in a bottle EVER again. Well, not for under $10 anyway. Sure, if you want to be one of those FANCY people that goes and GETS your hair done by, what’s it called again? A stylist? I think that is who my sister BEGS me to go to, but I am cheap. CHEAP. Or is it poor? I forget which one. I am scared that once I am making good money I will discover that I am actually cheap. Thrifty? Eh. Whatever. I pluck myself, I color myself and when I do get my hair cut it is at one of those Clip-O-Rama places that charge $15 for a cut. I always just get a trim. I am not sure if it is because I have no style, my hair is pretty much stick straight any anything sort of stylish requires way more time int he bathroom than I care to be in there, or I just hate salons. I have this fear that one day I am going to get snatched off the road by a team from Oprah’s show. Sadly it will not be for the show, “Women who stubbornly kept at their dreams despite all the odds and over due bills!” but for “Fashion disasters! Can this woman be helped??? She has been wearing her hair the same way since high school!” Yeah, it could happen. But still, I would be on Oprah and would certainly, and very cleverly begin talking about my art and BAM! Overnite sensation! No? Just in my head again? Sigh….

So anyway, in, um, let me check, 15 more minutes I will be Golden Brown, Sunset Brown? No, that doesn’t make sense, sunsets are not brown, perhaps Cinnamon Brown. Yeah, that sounds right. I will be all spicy brown with no dark roots very very soon. Yay me.

i am also packing to leave for Savannah as soon as Best Boyfriend Ever returns from work. I have a 4 day conference there with work on marketing and pr or something or other. Cause really? FREE trip to Savannah! Not only does this place pay me every two weeks REGUARLY, but they send me places, COOL places, for FREE! Do all you freelancing types know about these things? Really, the perks are nice. Now, I have no intention of staying in cubicleville forever, but for now? Gotta say, not too shabby. (And yes, I know that I have to tell the story of how this all happened, as I am sure many of you smartypants have figured out that I am 9-5-ing it right now and are all, ‘What the HELL? She hates corporate America!’ Well, yes, I do. But I really, REALLY needed a new car and well, a bunch of art projects and wonderfullness going on with my art don’t make me any money right now. Oh, the irony…But soon I will tell that story, but not today.)

Ok, time is almost up. And I am going to leave you with The Magic Fez-Wearing Sock Monkey. (See what happens when I have free time? All you have to do is look at the Magic Fez-Wearing Sock Monkey and ask him what you should do. Like this: “Magic Fez-Wearing Sock Monkey, should I try to write a novel?” or “Magic Fez-Wearing Sock Monkey, should I try to find an agent for my illustration work?” or “Magic Fez-Wearing Sock Monkey, should I get my nose pierced?” And he will reply. Cause everyone, I repeat EVERYONE needs a Magic Fez-Wearing Sock Monkey to egg them on. Feel free to click below and download the bigger version to use as your desktop pattern – c’mon, it would be so funny!