Cause I see polar bears…

Ok, so yesterday right after i finished a meeting I declared out loud, “Look! This is totally the polar bear on the bathroom floor! See?” I proudly showed everyone my doodle. True, I also rendered a room full of designers speechless as they were trying to comprehend what the HELL I was talking about. I looked at them and said, “Oh, and um, yeah. I did get that poster off to the printer’s today.” Realizing that maybe my giddyness at capturing the polar bear perfectly in a doodle was probably NOT what I was supposed to be working on during the meeting, I got quiet. But then my boss said, “Um, what now, you see what, WHERE?” Well, she ASKED, people, so now I HAD to explain. So I excitedly began, “In the bathroom! there’s a tile that looks just like it has a polar bear on it! The tile actually repeats and I haven’t finished finding them all, but every day, ‘Bam!’ There it is!” and I smiled nice and big to clearly illustrate the giant dork that I am. Everyone kind of smiled sweetly and pretended that I hadn’t just inappropriately announced in a meeting that I can see imaginary animals while I pee.

But later….”Michelle!!!” my boss yelled. She was calling me from the bathroom. “Come in here and show me where this damn polar bear is! cause now I HAVE to see it!!”

Ha! Gleefully I ran in and proudly pointed out the tile. “Look!! There it is! Can’t you see it?”

“Hey. Yeah, I kinda do. Sort of. In an abstract way.” Then she asked, “Um, how long do you hang out in the bathroom?”

Anyway, to clearly show my vision I went home and painted it. If I had a camera, I would totally take a picture of the tile to show you how completely obvious it is. Totally there.

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