Off to Savannah!

I am sitting here with hair color on my head as I wait the prescibed 25 minutes. Let this be a warning to all the youngsters out there contemplating coloring your hair, once you start, you CANNOT stop! It is not an addition, no, it is just that you will never EVER find the natural color of your hair in a bottle EVER again. Well, not for under $10 anyway. Sure, if you want to be one of those FANCY people that goes and GETS your hair done by, what’s it called again? A stylist? I think that is who my sister BEGS me to go to, but I am cheap. CHEAP. Or is it poor? I forget which one. I am scared that once I am making good money I will discover that I am actually cheap. Thrifty? Eh. Whatever. I pluck myself, I color myself and when I do get my hair cut it is at one of those Clip-O-Rama places that charge $15 for a cut. I always just get a trim. I am not sure if it is because I have no style, my hair is pretty much stick straight any anything sort of stylish requires way more time int he bathroom than I care to be in there, or I just hate salons. I have this fear that one day I am going to get snatched off the road by a team from Oprah’s show. Sadly it will not be for the show, “Women who stubbornly kept at their dreams despite all the odds and over due bills!” but for “Fashion disasters! Can this woman be helped??? She has been wearing her hair the same way since high school!” Yeah, it could happen. But still, I would be on Oprah and would certainly, and very cleverly begin talking about my art and BAM! Overnite sensation! No? Just in my head again? Sigh….

So anyway, in, um, let me check, 15 more minutes I will be Golden Brown, Sunset Brown? No, that doesn’t make sense, sunsets are not brown, perhaps Cinnamon Brown. Yeah, that sounds right. I will be all spicy brown with no dark roots very very soon. Yay me.

i am also packing to leave for Savannah as soon as Best Boyfriend Ever returns from work. I have a 4 day conference there with work on marketing and pr or something or other. Cause really? FREE trip to Savannah! Not only does this place pay me every two weeks REGUARLY, but they send me places, COOL places, for FREE! Do all you freelancing types know about these things? Really, the perks are nice. Now, I have no intention of staying in cubicleville forever, but for now? Gotta say, not too shabby. (And yes, I know that I have to tell the story of how this all happened, as I am sure many of you smartypants have figured out that I am 9-5-ing it right now and are all, ‘What the HELL? She hates corporate America!’ Well, yes, I do. But I really, REALLY needed a new car and well, a bunch of art projects and wonderfullness going on with my art don’t make me any money right now. Oh, the irony…But soon I will tell that story, but not today.)

Ok, time is almost up. And I am going to leave you with The Magic Fez-Wearing Sock Monkey. (See what happens when I have free time? All you have to do is look at the Magic Fez-Wearing Sock Monkey and ask him what you should do. Like this: “Magic Fez-Wearing Sock Monkey, should I try to write a novel?” or “Magic Fez-Wearing Sock Monkey, should I try to find an agent for my illustration work?” or “Magic Fez-Wearing Sock Monkey, should I get my nose pierced?” And he will reply. Cause everyone, I repeat EVERYONE needs a Magic Fez-Wearing Sock Monkey to egg them on. Feel free to click below and download the bigger version to use as your desktop pattern – c’mon, it would be so funny!

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