It’s FRIDAY!!!!!! Get me the HELL out of here!

Hi everyone. it is is Friday. And is BEAUTIFUL today. And I have cabin fever. Spring fever. Get out of this cubicle and run away from responsibilities fever. And I see a nice blue sky and a pretty blooming pink tree out my window and all I want to do is GO PLAY! But alas, I have edits to a magazine, an ad to layout and something else to do I am sure. But maybe I can leave early. Maybe. Doesn’t a day like this deserved to be played in? I think yes. Don’t we owe it to God to go out and ENJOY this day he created JUST FOR US? I think YES! Can I get an AMEN? So whose with me? If we ALL leave early then what can our bosses say?? Let’s GO! Hey, why are you all still sitting there? What’s that about the electric bill? Gas bill? Groceries? Mom? Is that you reading my blog again?! Party poopers. Bah. You just reminded me I have to go pay my car insurance. But I am leaving early! And you can sit there till 5pm if YOU want, but I will just have to be thinking about you while I go have a margarita on some patio somewhere.

In the meantime here are some pics of my work environment. And yes, I am that messy. And thank goodness I am good at what I do so no one cares that it is this messy. And thank goodness Best Boyfriend Ever thinks I am cute cause I am that messy at home too. Oh! then there is me with my NEW SHORTER HAIR! Yay! (how much of a dork am I for posting this? Don’t answer that.)

Is it time to go yet?


How ’bout now?

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