Things that make me smile.

This week has not been filled with very much smiling. A lot of trying not to cry and crying quietly right before I go to bed. Not my most favorite few days of my life. (calling people names is really, really mean)So today I am focusing on happy, smile-y things…

This is a design that Sophie made and we painted on her wall. She is very into skulls. She REALLY wanted to paint her wall black – ya know, cause that’s COOL. This was the compromise. (taken with the Hannah Montana camera)

Good lord, look at that sweet face. you would never be able to tell that she can drive you INSANE. (She let’s us know by barking VERY loudly again and again and again if someone is about to break into our house. And when the wind blows. And when a leaf falls. And when a flower blooms. And when the sun changes direction in the sky.)

Good friends rock. They are there to pick up a kid when you are running late, tell you that you don’t look fat, and have a beer at the local pub and look for cute boys. (for her, not me…I’m TAKEN. But he lets me help her look cause he’s cool like that.) This is us with our “fierce” look. Cause we’re cool like that. heh.

Yellow flowers just make me happy. So I bought some of these for myself yesterday. Yay for happy flowers!

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