Working from home today and tomorrow

Life is good. my babies are back home. I arranged with work to work from home today and tomorrow so I could be with them. Tomorrow we are going to spend the weekend with my parents and celebrate the end of spring break along with my dad’s birthday. Yay! for celebrations! I try to find as many things to celebrate as possible. Every day preferably. Yesterday when I picked up the kids we went to Dairy Queen and celebrated seeing each other again after 10 days. With soft serve vanilla and sprinkles and oreo blizzards. Yum! Then we went to Borders and Sophie got a huge book about Egypt for only $9.99, on sale for $29.99!! It is filled with the most amazing pictures. She is totally into archaeology right now and that is all she wants to know about. (I figure anything I can do to veer her away from the ridiculous idea of being an artist for a living I am more than willing to do!! I jest, I kid… not really. Kidding! Sort of.) We were then on a mission for Noah to find the Calvin and Hobbs book I had found at another Borders last week that was only $5.99 but I could not get a hold of him to ask him if he had it already. We never did find it again, but he found a Garfield one he wanted. It was a bit pricey at $14.95, but listening to a too cool for school almost 12 boy that pretty much thinks everybody in the world is a dork, giggle out loud all night long while he read it and say, “Hey Mom, read THIS one!” made it totally worth it. I LOVE to hear that little boy turning too quickly into a teenager laugh. (If I thought any of his friends read this blog I would not have just written that, but I am pretty sure my audience is NOT 11 and 12 year old boys whose soul mission is to keep on top of exactly which Mario Kart game is coming out on which system and on which day.)

Anyway, I will take pictures later to celebrate today and post them cause today is AWESOME. Being at home with my kids and dogs. Best Boyfriend Ever bought a lawnmower last night to cut our jungle, er, LAWN and so tonite promises to be filled with the scent of fresh cut grass on a spring day warm enough for flip flops. FLIP FLOPS! There! As if there was not ENOUGH to celebrate today, now we have flip flop weather again! I know God loves me because he gave someone the idea for flip flops. What says Higher Power and unconditional love more than color coordinated footware for $5 and under?!?! Proof enough for me, I say.

Ok, off to work!

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