Good times, good times.

Don’t know why I bother planning anything. Nothing ever turns out like you think. Yesterday was still awesome, but far more hectic than I had anticipated. Mostly my day was working from the computer while trying to juggle straightening the house before The Soph’s tutor came (check), getting the kids to do their chores (check), getting files to the printer in time (check), getting that freelance project finished up before we leave today (not a check, but today, for SURE). Yesterday I needed files on my home computer and on my work laptop. Since my work laptop got stolen (and government jobs take FOREVER to replace things, like say, the TOOL you use EVERY DAY. Ahem. No, I am not complaining, it is totally reasonable to take 4 MONTHS to replace an object. Damn paperwork. Do you really wonder why we are still in that damn war? OIL? Hell no, we just can’t get the paperwork through. I bet the order to pull out the troops was 2 years ago but the paper work is still stuck on some IT guys desk under his some stack of papers he has forgotten about because he is so busy calling all the goverment employees back every day to tell them what their forgotten password is. AGAIN. But I digress.) I am using an old one we had but one that has a cracked screen. When I am at work we get to hook up to a nice huge 20″ screen, so it is no big deal. At home? Kinda a big deal. There is a huge black streak running across it. A bit hard to design on, but me? I’m a trooper. So I took it into my office and worked on both all day long. But I would look at one screen and type on another. Or use the mouse of one and think it was not working when nothing happened on the other screen. Yeah. I’m not the sharpest tack in the box, let’s just say. (You do NOT want me to be the IT guy, the war would NEVER end.) So I drove myself slowly insane as the day wore on and when 5pm came, I was DONE. I have a printer coming by the house to drop off proofs for a magazine today and I am praying whole heartedly to the printing gods that everything looks good and it is set to get on press Tuesday. PLEASE Printing Gods, I sacrifice this cyan toner cartridge on your behalf.

Here is what my day pretty much looked like yesterday:

So yesterday had no time for pics. Best Boyfriend Ever surprised us and came home early to cut the lawn. YAY! It looks so nice and the cut grass smell put me in an extra happy mood for the rest of the day. I played with Sophie for a bit then ran Noah to Blockbuster to rent a game. Why? Because I am not a Soccer Mom, noooo, I am a Sucker Mom. I am too lenient. There I said it. I am Such. A. Push. Over. My son comes up to me and gives me a huge hug, tells me he loves me and give me that big goofy grin. And off we go to the store. So sad. I know. Don’t bother telling me. I’m not winning any best parenting awards any time soon, I know.

Later that night with Noah happily playing something or other, me and the Soph trumped Best Boyfriend Ever to buy Enchanted on On Demand. We all cuddled up on the couch eating popcorn and, hello, BLISS! And oh my gosh!!! Seriously, I don’t care if it is politically correct or not, and I am sure that there are women all over the world pissed off about this movie, but lordee it was ADORABLE. It was so cute and funny. For reals. Boyfriend must have rolled his eyes, oh, I don’t know eleventy billion times, but me? I say, Mr. McDreamy, you can come save me any day! (Actually, there was a twist where she saves HIM at the end and that was cute.) But for the most part it is a feel good kid friendly movie that has a happily ever after ending and I love those. This world is way too mean and cynical for me and what the hell is so wrong with happily ever after anyway? I am a rose colored girl that adores the happy endings. So sue me. LOVED IT.

And boyfriend and I went to bed at abut 11pm and I let the kids stay up a bit late since this was the last night I would let them before school began again. This morning I woke up with a present from Sophie. An oragami flower taped to my door. Happy fairy tale endings to the night, happy mornings to wake up to… does it get any better?

Took the dogs out with my morning coffee and watched them run around like crazy, um, well, dogs. I swear I can hear them laughing in my head they are so happy when they get out there and get to play. I think they love the warm weather just as much as me. Do they make doggie flip flops? Hmmm….

So this morning I need to get a poster revision done and some car decals finished for a client to proof. Then I have to get this freelance web job done before we leave. Luckily I can do the laundry WHILE I do all this. Yay for working at home. I’ll tale pictures from the trip. Promise! Cause I know y’all just live to see what I post next! Right? Um…right? Leave me and my delusions of grandeur alone. You still read this, right mom and dad? Mom? Dad? Sigh…. I do it for my fans in Turkey. They love me. Shut up. Yes they DO. heh.

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