Awesome weekend

Had an awesome child-filled weekend. Lots of sleep over guests, lots of noise, many pizzas, a cake and some cupcakes, and one cell phone that landed in a glass of Sprite much to the delight of the many 9-11 year olds. I think they giggled for a WHILE before they fished it out and I heard, “Quick! Dry it off! Fast! Don’t tell mom!”

Um, yeah, Mom has a cool new phone now. One that takes pictures! “Hello 2008, Michelle is here to join you!” That was Friday night.

Then on Saturday, Best Boyfriend Ever and I took Sophie and her sweetie friend to the Egyptian exhibit at Emory to look at the mummies! Sophie is SO into archeaology and getting to see real live mummies, wait, real DEAD mummies was the coolest! They got some books and some scarabs to wear. Too fun. I am about to leave for a Braves game and we have second row behind the first base dugout! Woohoo!! Look for me on tv!

Here are a few pics of the girls. They look like they could be sisters! How cute are they???

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