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I am working on formatting an incredibly fascinating commencement program. What says FUN more than tabbing 800-plus names in a program? Not much, says I! (Perhaps maragritas on a patio with some nice toasty chips and a zesty salsa and side of queso, but tabbing names is a VERY close second people. You need to trust me on this.) The life of a graphic designer is glamorous and exotic – and if anyone tells you otherwise, they are LIAR-HEADS.

Last night was so much fun. The Braves KILLED the Nationals, so it was not exactly a nail-biter, but there was some coolio plays and at least the game was a blowout in our favor. And besides, with seats like ours, there was no way it could be bad. Cause we were SO CLOSE to cute baseball player butts! For the record, baseball players are THE sexiest athletes. So. Yummy! (They are by no menas in the same league as my boyfriend, Jon Bon Jovi, but still, they get major YUM points!) So, how close were these cute boys’ butts? THIS CLOSE:

Now, I had no time yesterday as I ended up having a 3 HOUR MEETING in which I think I died and came back to life just in time to realize I have a whole lot of work ahead of me and NO TIME for blogging. (Again, a designer’s life is something to be jealous of, for sure.) So I need to show you scenes from the weekend. See, Best Boyfriend Ever and I have this awesome deck and backyard. And now that it is warm, we spend every second possible on the back deck and life is AWESOME. So Friday night we had a houseful of kids, my best friend, a pack of dogs, and we chilled on the deck with some wine for me and my friend and beer and cigars for the man. We started out in the daylight and hung until it got dark and the pizza man had come and gone. The kids were in and out all night long and so were the dogs. If life can get any better than mine, I would just feel like I was way too spoiled. (Oh, and it should be noted that while I crush on sexy ballplayers and Jon BonJovi, Best Boyfriend Ever is the keeper. He is for sure the real deal and I don’t plan on letting him go. EVER. He is perfect and MINE. And his YUM factor is through the roof. Not to mention he lets me crush on sexy ballplayers and secretly date major rock stars. Cause he’s cool like that.)

So anyway here are some scenes from the Friday:

GLADIATOR STICK BATTLE!! I found this giant stick and got the dogs to battle it out in an epic gladiator battle! The stick was huge, the dogs battled mightily. But alas, in the end, there could only be one true victor of the BIG STICK.

Luckily, no grudges were held by the other contestants.

Much fun was had by dogs, kids, and adults alike. Even despite the now infamous phone in the Sprite scenario, which had wide-reaching ramifications in other parts of my life that I won’t get into. So, did the giggling child get into much trouble? Did he get grounded? Does he have to pay for the phone? Well, said child actually felt terrible, awful, horrible about it. And he offered to pay for the new phone himself. How cute! I suppose with monopoly money or Wii points? But still – he OFFERED. That, plus when you see scenes this cute, how can you not tell terrible feeling kid that it’s ok? Does it get any cuter?!?!

Ok, you can all say it with me now, “AWWWWWW…” and see? Sucker Mom…..

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