Too awesome…

Ok, I do not think I can overstate the AWESOMENESS that was last night. We left to go to the concert sometime around 6pm to catch the train and got home sometime after losing my voice from screaming my lil’ heart out for my Jon Jon and having some mighty fine food at the Waffle House after. Just LOOK at how much fun this was!! Can you believe my Jon Jon threw all this just for lil’ ol’ me??? I know! I tell him all the time he is far too extravagant. But he just won’t stop. (And we pretty much had suicide mission seats, they were so far away, so thank you God for digital cameras with awesome ZOOM.) So I got my Jon Jon fix for now and Best Boyfriend Ever has no more competition. Until his next tour…

And then as if all that wasn’t enough, he turned to me, pointed and sang JUST TO ME. Oh yes he did! For reals! Totally swear! See:

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