Exciting News I can’t share yet!

Man, oh man! Do you know when you have a big ol’ happy secret but you can’t tell anyone yet??? Well, that is me right now. Yesterday I had a meeting with a company before work and we hammered out all the details in the contract for a project we have been discussing for the past couple months. We are all very happy with the agreement and so today I get to get started on this project!! I can’t say anymore than that yet, but soon, SOON. But SO. SO. EXCITING!!! It is hard to concentrate on my work at WORK right now, but I have an annual report that ain’t gonna design itself. I will write more later, but just had to put this out there into the universe because I am so very, very grateful for this new opportunity and that I get to put my art into the world again on a level that I had hoped and dreamed for, but never really knew would happen. Hard work, hard work, hard work, with a sprinkle of luck. I promise to let you in on it the second I know I can! Later taters!

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